Banana Cake from Insular Bakery

My love for bread is undeniable. I am always craving for it and trying my best to taste the Best Tinapay in town. Aside from my favorite bread house like  Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, French Baker, Breadtalk and other famous bakery I also search on those that offer breads and pastries cheaper, affordable and yet with almost the same quality and taste. 

I am on my way to meet a friend when I saw this famous bakery in Makati area. The Insular Bakery located at Burgos St, Makati baking for us since 1924. It was late afternoon when I arrived so I expect that there will be few breads left. People come and go bought their favorite bread and with a pack of their best seller, Freshly Baked Putok (Round bread buns which is thick and chewy w/the cracked on top-center of the bun).

I had Banana Cake Espresso. It is topped with chocolate, nuts and icing. The top and sides taste like cinnamon rolls. The taste of cinnamon complements with banana. This Banana Cake Espresso best served with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Banana Cake Espresso: Php 110

Aside from Putok and Banana Cake, you must try their Egg Pie and Ensaymada. Insular Bakery offers variety of bread and pastry products.

Insular Bakery: 5051 P. Burgos St., Makati City
Tels: 896-8222/895-0257



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