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I was at Eastwood Libis last week to meet a friend. I considered this place still new and not so familiar to me since I seldom go here except for some important matters and events to attend to. While waiting for her, I decided to spent time at the bookstore. I started to feel thirsty and went outside to look for a drink until I found another Milk Tea Store which is just beside Starbucks. 

This is my first time to have Happy Lemon drink ever since it arrived in the Philippines, so when I looked at the menu, I was having a hard time thinking what to order. I decided to have Lemon Yogurt with Aloe, which is one of the best seller in the Lemon Series.

Lemon Yogurt with Aloe (Large Php90)

It taste sour, probably because of the yogurt. It has slices of lemon and soft tidbits of nata de coco. Though sour, it's refreshing and very soothing to the throat.It doesn't have heavy flavor or too much sugar or sweetener, it was a good decision for me to try it.

Happy Lemon started in Hong Kong in 2006 and now has more that a hundred outlets across Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore and other countries. They offer Cocoa and Coffee, Fresh Tea, Lemon Series like the one I had, Milk Tea, Rock Salt Cheese and Specialty Drinks. For the price, it ranges from Php60 to Php100 which is actually the same with other Milk Tea stores like Gong Cha and Cha Time.

You have an option to add Sago, Seaweed Jelly, Malt, Perilla, Brown Sugar Jelly, Nata de Coco, Aloe Mesona Jelly or Kanten Jelly just add Php10. An extra shot of coffee can be added to your drink just pay extra Php25, that sounds interesting!

Honestly, I really like Lemon Yogurt with Aloe, the flavor is just right, it actually taste like Yakult.

Visit Happy Lemon at 
4th Floor, Eastwood Mall


  1. wow, tnx for this info... haha.. open na pala yung sa eastwood..yey!!!


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