GLUPA| Glutathione and Papaya

Glupa, a skin whitening and moisturizing product formulated from papaya and glutathione was launched recently. The first to come up with the Whitening products in a classy BLACK packaging.

Because of so many happy users of GLUPA and the increasing demand for whitening products in the market now GLUPA, ADSPHIL partnered up with Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils) Inc. to distribute the product to a wider audience.

Hosted by Ms. Jessica Mendoza, the unveiling of GLUPA Product lines held recently at the Beauty Section, WATSONS SM Makati. Present during the event is the popular TV celebrity and brand ambassador, Mr. Boy Abunda and President CEO of Age-Defying Solutions, Ms. Annaliza J. Diuco-Soriano, the woman behind the revolutionary Glupa anti-oxidant and age-defying product.

"Glupa is a product of many years of research and testing – based on real experiences of women such as its creator Ms. Aiza Diuco-Soriano, and those who have had problems keeping their skin white after using countless skin-whitening products made from papaya."
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Ms. Diuco-Soriano had the inspiration to create GLUPA when an aunt of hers raised the dilemma of why whitening products based on papaya were not able to live up to their promise of giving its user the whiter skin they long for. Ms. Aiza, having a background on cosmetics and personal care product business, she decided  to start manufacturing a product that would combine two important whitening ingredients – papaya and glutathione.
“Using papaya alone is enough to keep your skin whiten. You need to combine papaya with glutathione, which is a natural ingredient to maintain the whiteness of your skin. Combined together this becomes a powerful skin whitening product with enhancing additional benefits, such as overall feeling of wellness, glowing skin and enhanced sexual prowess” says Ms., Diuco-Soriano
Boy Abunda for Glupa

Abunda said that with countless discussion made him tried the product. Boy started using Glupa skincare pack, which includes lotion, soap and cream. He also tried the blister pack of Gluta capsules. After only 2 weeks, he was seeing his skin becoming lighter, smoother and clearer. Abunda not only become an advocate of the beauty product but of its health benefits.
“Glupa is a breakthrough antioxidant, anti-aging and beauty-enhancement product line –the best that I’ve used so far. From the many skin whitening and anti-aging products I’ve used Glupa is the one that lives up to its promise. You notice the difference even after only few weeks. Your skin not only whiter but smoother and takes on an added glow.”
Brand ambassador, Mr. Boy Abunda

Product Lines:

GLUPA SOAP – “The soap that lighten in three (3) minutes!”. Available in 135 grams packaging.

  1. Its Cucumber Melon scent leaves your skin feeling and smelling fresh.
  2. Formulated with the two best whitening agents, Glutathione and Papaya plus Vitamin C and and Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, Virgin Coconut Oil, Alpha Arbutin, Tiny White Complex and Sunscreen to give you younger-looking and fairer and softer skin.
  3. Contains pure and natural ingredients and is Cold-processed.
GLUPA LOTION –  Available in 100 ml.

  1. Contains two of the most popular an effective whitening and anti-aging agent, glutathione and papaya.
  2. It has Vitamin C and E, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Claire Blanche and Sunscreen to help maintain healthy, youthful, soft and fair skin.
  3. Comes in Passionate Love scent that leaves you feeling and smelling fresh all day.
  4. With SPF 15 to protect the skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays.

GLUPA CREAM – “The Powerful Whitening Cream.” Available in 50g

  1. An all around whitening cream.
  2. Contains Glutathione and Papaya
  3. They said it's an excellent as a facial moisturizer and sunblock but works best in lightening dark underarms, elbows, knees, and inner thigh or groin.
  4. Claims to remove age spots, freckles and evens out skin tone.
  5. Formulated with high percentage of Clair Blanche, that teams up with Glutathione and Papaya to whiten skin in just one week.
  6. With SPF 15 to protect the skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays.
GLUPA CAPSULE – a propriety blend of Reduced Glutathione, Papaya, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid carefully researched and formulated by Age Defying Solution, Philippines Corporation.
Used for dietary supplement for antioxidant, immune system enhancement, detoxification, healthy digestive system and skin whitening.

Event Coverage:

DSC01641  DSC01686 
Black becomes white with GLUPA!

At the event, they also served delightful pica-pica prepared by Ms. Neneth Tiongkiao. 


GLUPA Product Lines are now available at all Watsons Personal Care Stores nationwide.

Glupa by ADSPHIL Corporation
2nd Floor, Mother of Unity Bldg., 118 J.P.Rizal Cor E. Dela Paz, San Roque, Marikina City Tel No: (02) 655 – 7737 

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