Starbucks Coffee Company Design Card

STARBUCKS PHILIPPINES will be releasing the special limited edition Starbucks Coffee Company design Starbucks Card starting tomorrow, September 15. This beautiful Starbucks Card (and I mean it, I've seen the new Starbucks Card) will be available for an initial load amount of ₱300.

Starbucks Coffee Company Design Card
Starbucks Coffee Company Design Card

The new Starbucks Card isn't colorful unlike in the past. It comes in classic color, gold text with black background I find pretty elegant. Starbucks collectors will surely love this rewards card.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend
Starbucks Anniversary Blend

Aside from the new Starbucks, coffee lovers should get the Starbucks Anniversary Blend, a labor of love says Starbucks. It was created in 1996 to commemorate the 25th year anniversary. The Starbucks Anniversary blend has unique and bold flavor.

For coffee people who likes subtle spice, cocoa and fine herbs, full body and a round mouth feel then the Starbucks Autumn Blend is for you.

Starbucks Autumn Blend
Starbucks Autumn Blend

Starbucks Reserve Coffee

Heading to Starbucks Reserve anytime soon? Then you might probably want to try Reserve Peru Bagua Grande. This fantastic coffee coming from Latin America bursts with floral and citrus flavors and is best paired with sweet lemon and unsweetened chocolate.

Reserve Peru Bagua Grande
Reserve Peru Bagua Grande

Reserve Bali Vintage Klasik
Reserve Bali Vintage Klasik

Another one is the Starbucks Reserve Bali Vintage Klasik. A Balinese medium-bodied coffee that complements well with citrusy flavors such as lemon and orange. This coffee also goes well with caramel, brown sugar and toasted nuts.

I would like to give a big shoutout to our friends from Starbucks Philippines for sending this lovely Starbucks Anniversary set. I can't wait to brew this Starbucks Anniversary Blend.


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