Dove Encourages Women To Go Shave

Lately, I've been attending event that empowers WOMEN. Sometime in November, I joined the Dove Deo Getaway Challenge. The challenge was to show off your underarm. I was then traveling around Cebu City and decided to capture moments, the highlights some of wonderful attraction in Cebu. That time, I'm just starting to regularly use Dove Deo. In three weeks, I noticed the improvement on my sensitive skin. Although my entries were not chosen, my journey with Dove has been a memorable one.

Dove Encourage Women To Go Shave
Dove Encourage Women To Go Shave

My love affair with Dove started in 2005 when I had my first solo trip outside the country to take up my NCLEX in Hong Kong. Just imagine the pressures - the need to pass the exam and traveling in a foreign land solo. During the trip I passed by a beauty store selling huge bottles of Dove Cream body wash. I bought three and two bottles of shampoo and conditioner. That's all I shopped for myself, well in addition to a silver handbag. Since then, I became a fan because I noticed how it cares for my skin. I always smells good and skin, soft to touch.

Even if I rarely use the shaver but more of the tweezer, I also feel the same frustrations women felt every time they shaved. I know how it could damage the skin and leads to dark underarm.

Dove Go Shave
Dove Go Shave
Dove Go Shave Campaign
Hanging Notes
Dove Real Care
Dove wants us to be beautiful just like these flowers
I'm glad that Dove continues to empower women with campaigns that boosts their self-confidence. In a recent event, we were asked to write about a message to our shaver. Share our experience shaving. Some expressed their feelings about their underarms. I know there are women who feel uncomfortable talking about underarm and they bad experiences shaving this sensitive part of the body. But the activity had helped me released my frustration of using the tweezers. Even if I pluck more often I know there's a brand that provides #RealCare

Dove Real Care
Patty, Dani, Kelly and Saab
Dove Girls
with Dove Girl Carissa Chua
with Cristelle, Jen, Erica and Kat

#DoveGoShave is just one of the many campaigns that indeed celebrates Women's Month. The lovely brand ambassadors Patty, Kelly, Dani and Saab encouraged women to go shave because there's Dove that always care for our underarm. It has 1/4 moisturizer that smooths skin.

Dove Deo extends the care to all the women out ther. With every purchase of roll-on or aerosol, not only do you get a limited edition Dove Deo pouch for free, but you also get a chance to win a Dove Deo getaway to El Nido with two friends. 

For updates on Dove, follow them on Instagram @DovePH on Facebook @DovePH and on Twitter @Dove_PH.

I shared the Dove Deo Kit to my sister, I'm glad she liked it. How about you do you also like to receive a Dove Deo Gift Pack from me? Share your shaving experiences or underarm woes on the comment section. I will choose the winner and she will be notified through email.


nhessie a. said...

my underarms have always been a sensitive issue for me, for a very fair skinned woman, I feel dissatisfied with the darker tone of my underarms that's why I never wear sleeveless tops in fear if being laughed at. So I am hoping to find a product that can help me overcome my not so comfy feeling about my underarms and shaving in general! hope to receive the kit! hahaha

Trina said...

I love the confident underarm photos!

ma.cristina quines said...

Hi sis...I love the Dove kit!
I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and excited to try the Dove Whitening Original spray.. Thank you so much :)

Marjorie Pineda-Uy said...

I used to have a dark underarm not because of the deo but when I was a little girl and curious I put an astringent in it, lol! Perhaps the use of mild soap somehow helped improving my skin tone. My advise to you is use a mild deo or soap with whitening properties just be careful not to overdo it. If it doesn't work, it's fine. Be confident and be yourself.

Good luck Nhessie! <3

Elapot said...

Been a dove user for a long time.. And I really love it :)

Ivana Saide Rebao said...

I always have my underarms waxed at a waxing salon. They say that it would prevent having "chicken skin" and it would make the underarms become whiter. However, it's been a long time already and my underarms are still a bit dark. Although, no chicken skin for me. I'm hoping I'd get the Dove kit so it would help me with my petty woes. :D

Emilie Udasco said...

I used to pluck and shave my underarms and yeah, I don't have flawless skin (awkward) that's why I'm not into wearing sleeveless tops! I envy every girls who have flawless underarms. One of my dreams is to have smooth and white underarms so that my hubby can kiss it! haha :D
I really hope Dove can help me with my nightmare. ^_^

Emilie Udasco said...

'pag-usapang underarms, nahihiya talaga ako! haha.. :D

Emilie Udasco said...

Haha.. I tried it too when I was young.. 😄

Marjorie Pineda-Uy said...

You deserve to be called #DoveGirl! <3

Marjorie Pineda-Uy said...

Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences! Congratulations to Nhessie, she will receive a special gift from me. <3

Marjorie Pineda-Uy said...

I haven't tried underarm waxing so thank you for sharing your experience. We really should use mild products to our sensitive underarm. :)



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