Lenddo, An Online Financial Assistance That Uses Social Networks


“I just joined Lenddo, the world’s first reputation scoring service that uses online social network to assess credit.”


Applying for a credit card, loan and other financial assistance is not easy especially when the candidate is not currently working, doesn’t have ITR (Income Tax Return), and don’t meet the minimum monthly salary requirement.

I used to be a member of a cooperative that helps members invest, save and provides loans. It was a big help, I applied for several loans such as educational loan, emergency, calamity loan.

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Few days ago, a friend invited me to check a site that provides loans using online social network to asses credit. I got interested so I read about it. I was surprised with the requirement, joining is so easy. All I need  to register is my personal information, employment details and earn a Lenddo Score of at least 400 which I can easily accumulate by inviting friends, connecting with my social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.


Lenddo is an online cooperative community that provides affordable loans for personal growth and investment. You don’t need collateral such as car title or land/house but only social networks, a great way to help people who are not members of cooperative and/or has no bank accounts to process their loans.

Most of us are busy at work, at home, others live in rural areas where most financial assistance are limited, an online loan cooperative such as Lenddo can be considered for loans and can help in home repair too!

I just joined Lenddo and started with 134 points. After completing my personal information and linking my Social network sites I’ll sure to earn 400 points.


Imagine, I don’t have to go to the bank and wait for several hours just to submit a requirement and apply for a loan. With Lenddo I could do it at the comfort of my home, anytime of the day. I’ll definitely share it with my family and friends especially the ones who owns a business because Lenddo could help them expand their business.

I also found Lenddo’s Facebook Page where I get the latest updates, financial literacy tips and even post a question.

Learn more about Lenddo, click the slide below or visit their website at www.lenddo.com

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