Health & Wellness: #DoTheLifebuoy Challenge, Why You Should Cut Back on Salt

This pandemic suddenly changed the way we live. Even our priorities are now different. I'm pretty sure that we will focus more on improving our health. Covid-19 is here and it might stay a little long time so we need to adapt to the new normal. Three important things to remember to stop the spread of coronavirus - handwashing, social distancing, and wearing of face mask/face shield.

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

To help us prepare and protect ourselves from Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, one of the world’s biggest soap brands, Lifebuoy is now back in the Philippines with its effective range of antibacterial handwashes, soaps and sanitizers.

Lifebuoy bath and hand soap

In celebration of Handwashing Month this October, Lifebuoy has introduced a new dance craze called #DoTheLifebuoy Dance Challenge. Led by brand ambassador Kathryn Bernardo, the Do The Lifebuoy Dance Challenge is a short and easy dance routine meant to remind everyone to wash hands regularly. Set to a catchy pop tune, the dance features basic handwashing steps, like washing palms, back of hands, fingers and wrists, mixed together with modern dance moves. It’s a great reminder that good hygiene practices are not a chore, but something fun and enjoyable to do with friends and family.

Lifebuoy is keeping Kathryn Bernardo
safe and protected during the new normal

To liven up the celebrations for Handwashing Month, a nationwide dance contest for the #DoTheLifebuoy Dance Challenge is underway throughout October. Simply post your version of the #DoTheLifebuoy Dance Challenge on Facebook or Instagram to get a chance to win Php 5,000 weekly.

#DoTheLifebuoy Challenge

Lifebuoy wants to remind everyone to always wash their hands to keep safe from stronger, more evolved germs of today. Formulated with Activ Silver+ technology, which uses silver, one of nature’s powerful germ-fighting ingredients, to fight 99.9% of bacteria.

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer on Shopee

As Filipinos adjust to the new normal and return to the things they love to do, Lifebuoy encourages everyone to Do The Lifebuoy and wash hands regularly. Try the Lifebuoy Instagram Filter via and enter the challenge today! To view the full mechanics of the #DoTheLifebuoy Dance Challenge, visit

Handwashing Technique

Lifebuoy is available in all leading supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, department stores, convenience stores for Php59.00 for 50ml hand sanitizer, Php32.45 for 110g soap bar and Php 149 for 450ml liquid handwash. Lifebuoy is also available on Shopee. For more information, visit Lifebuoy Philippines’ Facebook page.

Lifebuoy reminds me of my childhood. My dad loves the scent of this soap. I'm happy that it's back in the Philippines.

Why You Should Cut Back on Salt

Salt is very useful in the kitchen, it adds flavor to food. We use salt in food preservation even in cleaning/washing vegetables. So imagine your food without salt? It's bland. Even if we like our food tasty and flavorful, it is also important to watch on our sodium intake. It's been said many times that too much of something could be harmful to our body and that includes salt. 

I use 2 tsp of salt in making focaccia bread

Throughout history, the world has used salt to preserve meat and make dishes tastier. It remains a valuable mineral and can be found in all cuisines. For instance, in the Philippines, the majority of delicacies are made richer with sodium-rich condiments or sawsawan (dips) like patis (fish sauce) and bagoong  (fish paste).

How to use MSG

Salt is so popular locally that the UN Interagency Task Force found that a Filipino’s daily intake averages 11 grams, more than double the World Health Organization’s recommendation of five grams. Excessive intake of sodium has been found to be one of the risk factors for non-communicable illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes.

“With the risks that come with excessive sodium intake, it is recommended that we reduce our salt consumption,” says Deborah Sales, Ajinomoto’s Science Communication Executive. “While it may seem difficult to maintain the palatability of dishes as we cut salt, there is an ingredient that allows us not only to boost the flavor of your favorite dish, but also lessen the need for salt.”

The use of monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is often mistaken to be high in sodium, is actually an effective means of reducing the sodium level of low-salted dishes since it only contains 1/3 the amount of sodium as table salt. Table salt contains 39% sodium (39 grams of sodium per 100 grams of salt), while MSG only contains 12% sodium (12 grams sodium per 100 grams MSG).

Less sodium recipes

In fact, extensive scientific research has revealed that MSG can boost the flavor of dishes while reducing sodium content by up to 40%. Only a small amount is needed to enhance the taste, as the additive has a self-limiting characteristic, which means that adding MSG can actually make healthy eating more enjoyable even with reduced salt.

Ajinomoto produces the leading brand of MSG called AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, named after the Japanese Scientist and chemistry professor Kikunae Ikeda, who discovered the additive in 1908. Today, Ajinomoto is continuing its advocacy of Eat Well, Live Well - a promise to contribute to the greater wellness of Filipinos by using the power of umami. Through umami, also known as the “fifth taste”, Ajinomoto promotes delicious meals for proper nutrition.

To discover less sodium versions of your favorite ulam, visit the Ajinomoto website at and the Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines at With proper diet, exercise and sleep, we can live a healthier lifestyle. Do you have health recipes made more flavorful using Ajinomoto? Share on the comment section.


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