Why Not CARIBBEAN Tsinelas!

To date, I have seven flip-flops of different brands in different colors and design. I admit, I love collecting slippers and one of them has been a personal favorite. While others would think that their flip-flops are just “in” during summertime I would say that mine are my feet’s best friend. I could wear them anytime of the year and anywhere I go!

Top photo, Caribbean Flip-Flop in gold is one of the designs I would like to have. Below are more Caribbean 2013 Urban Safari Collection.


Let’s talk about your “tsinelas” 365 days,1 year. I would not go on a day to day basis though or we will not end this post. I would just like to mention important dates with my favorite foot wear.

Your Flip-flops 365 Days! Consider Comfort, Fashion and Durability! 

January is New Years celebration and most of us are off for a family get-together and reunions. Would you wear your newly bought stilettos last Christmas or have your running shoes or rubber shoes on that day? I think you’ll be more comfortable wearing the most fashionable yet casual thongs may it be colorful or classic. Have you consider having one of Caribbean’s stylish, durable footwear? 

February is love month! Most of us would go on a date? But what if you’re legs and feet are so tired standing and wearing your high-heel the whole day at the office? Have you thought of going out to meet your date, bumping people at the MRT station during the rush hour wearing Janna Caribbean flip-flops? On February last year, ex-boyfriend now husband and I were in Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate Heart’s Day. I know it’s going to be a tiring day walking around the theme park so I had my flip-flop inside my bag but it was heavy. I guess you know what brand it is. 

March, April and May is summertime! Most of us are off to the beach, vacation, office or family outing. Aside from your favorite swim wear, shorts, lovely summer dresses, sunblock, trendy beach bag and sun glasses, what else do you need? I usually have at least three flip-flops of different colors and design. Why? I don’t want to see the same slippers on different photos at different occasions. Good thing I found the new Caribbean flip-flops. I could have as many as I want because it’s affordable yet comfy.

Fast forward, here comes June, July, August and even September. I think you should really have a durable tsinelas by these time, rainy season! Whether you’re a student, an employee, young or old, rich or poor, you definitely need to have at least one that’s durable. There are areas in Metro Manila that floods easily. Although slippers are open and you’re still vulnerable to skin disease caused by flooding, it’s better if you protects your feet from wounds. Caribbean Flip-flops are also light and handy. You can just put them inside your bag and wear it anytime you need.

November is when we pay respect to our loved ones who passed away. We walk several blocks to reach the park where they rest in peace. Again, we find our flip-flops most helpful. 

Did I mention those times I’m off for a grand vacation, traveling here and abroad? I see to it I have my slipper in my luggage. Finally, I needed a flip-flops during holiday season such as Christmas when most of the walking are done shopping for Christmas gifts for the whole family and friends.

So, who’s Caribbean footwear? I know it wasn’t my first time to own a Caribbean footwear. I remember having one in the past. The company started in 1995, owned by a Filipino and products are manufactured here in the Philippines. As years passed by they grew and produced footwear in bold, vibrant colors that are durable, comfortable to wear and stylish at an affordable price. Caribbean users even ranked them 3rd best flip-flop brand. A pair starts at P100+ and up, so why don’t we support Pinoy products such as Caribbean?

What makes it different from competing brands? First, they uses technology that perfected the integration of comfort, durability and elegance. What they call “The Toe Fashion” provides well-support structure for our toes while maintaining fashion and creativity.

Another reason that makes it different is Caribbean’s Mid Foot Curve and Anti-Slip Technology design to protect and creates proper foot formation and maintain posture.

Check out the men’s summer collection too! The Caribbean footwear are available at all leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide. Waltermart department store and Landmark are the stores I recently passed by and found Caribbean flip-flops.

As of this writing I now have 8 flip-flops and I’m happy to have a Caribbean brand again. Check out the photo I uploaded on Instagram immediately after receiving one from the Caribbean Footwear "Urban Safari" summer collection party I attended recently.

JANNA is the name of my new green Caribbean footwear. It matched my green nail polish and even the wall color of our dining area, haha! I’ll be wearing this comfy, stylish slipper on our housewarming and will eventually discover how durable it is. Want more? Here are other Caribbean footwear in different colors and design.

I would love to hear your story or reactions, why don’t you hit the comment section and tell me what do you think of CARIBBEAN footwear! From the above designs what do you like to have? Get to know more about Caribbean flip-flops!

Facebook: Caribbean Footwear!
Website: Caribbean.com.ph!
Instagram: caribbeanph!
Twitter: caribbeanph


  1. Oh wow, I love Caribbean flip flops! It has the material I want... without the hefty price tag. I own one pair of Caribbean... but will buy another pretty soon!

  2. Cuz I got the green one that you like! Yay bagay na bagay this summer! Yes, you're right affordable and comfy pa!. :)


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