My Experience of Using Potion ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink

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On September 18, I blogged about  Potion ivi Collagen Powder Drink and mentioned that I will be using the product for 14 days.  I’m not religiously applying creams and taking whitening or anti-ageing supplements but since I’m on my thirties, I think I should start  having one to maintain a glowing skin. Having a radiant skin makes us comfortable and feel better. Looking good and feeling good also creates a positive outlook in life.

Below is my photo before and after using ivi Premium Collagen Powder. See the fine lines around my eyes radiating outward and those near my mouth and some parts of my face?

Both photos were captured indoor. I noticed  my face started to smoothed especially around/near my lips and mouth. My skin tome started to lighten after two weeks (10th day).  I really have an oily face but noticed that it lessen recently, I don’t know if it’s because of Potion ivi, I will probably ask Dr. Raquel Marfori David.  

PS: I’m not using any lightening cream before and while using ivi Collagen


I preferred mixing the Collagen Powder Drink on my coffee every morning before breakfast since collagen powder is best taken on an empty stomach for best absorption.


There’s a powdery smell when poured over the beverage just like any powdered medicine such as antibiotics but it slowly disappear as you mixed it very well. It’s tasteless and colorless too.  I had one sachet each day and found no side or adverse reactions on my body so I continued using until I finished the whole pack (14 sachets). 

Why I like Potion ivi Collagen Powder?
  • It’s tasteless and colorless when mixed with my favorite drink.
  • I like the packaging. It’s handy and I can bring along any where I go just like a sachet of 3in1 coffee.
  • It’s packed with other vitamins I need like Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Vitamins B2, B6 and B12 which I also need for my join pains. 
  • It’s more affordable compared to other anti-ageing products in the market.
ivi Premium Collagen Powder is available at all Watsons nationwide for only Php1,595.00 per box with a retail price of P115/7g sachet. 

INGREDIENTS: Serving size: 1 sachet (7g/Sachet)
  • Marine Collagen Peptide            5000 mg
  • Salmon ovary Peptide                      5 mg
  • Hyaluronic Acid                              10 mg
  • Coenzyme Q10                                5 mg
  • Vitamin C                                    44.45 mg
  • L-Cystine                                         10 mg
  • Thiamine Mononitrate (Vit B1)        .90 mg
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vit B6)   .99 mg
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12)             2.4 mcg
  • Selenium                                      22.48 mcg
  • Glycine                                          1000 mg
  • Other ingredients                         904.16 mg

For more information, you may visit Potion ivi Premium Collagen Powdered Drink on Facebook. Visit their website at

IVI Premium Collagen Powder is manufactured in Japan by Grain Corporation and exclusively distributed by IVI Ryo Corporation located at Unit F Ground Floor, Magnitude Bldg. 186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City Philippines.

With contact numbers: (02) 655-8888 or at +63 917-8800 I-V-I (4-8-4).  


  1. I have been using it for two months, no visible effects as of the moment.. Still planning to use it for four months to see results.

    1. On mine, already have skin glowing in only 2 weeks of use

  2. You cant compare the before and after picture with different type of lighting. it is so stupid to post such kind of picture or you should post a before and after with the same place, same lighting, same camera setting. No doubt for Ivi premium collagen specially the ready to drink one which could be bought at Watsons Stores for 190-200 pesos. Nice blog anyway. For readers, you should try this product.

  3. Hi po ask lng po..after 14 days can i stop drinking ivi??

  4. Hi Marj! This is a great review. I was just wondering how many time do you drink IVI? Is it everyday?

    What are the effects you see? I'd love to know and try this product!

  5. Hi Jessa, I consume a pack and took it every day and did not see any side effects. But now, I'm not using it anymore since I'm planning to get pregnant soon. It's always best to check your doctor for any supplements and medication taken during pregnancy. :)

  6. Check out Watsons, I believe they have. :)

  7. Hi Glen, it's always better to consult your physician first. :)

  8. Yeah you're right! The only difference is the vibrance and contrast of the image setting.

  9. Meron sa Mercury Drug Store.. Sa Panabo branch nakabili ako dun.

  10. after 14 days can i stop drinking ivi?

  11. taking collagen supplement is not enough to make you look younger. you also need to hydrate and most important you need to stay away from the sun! the sun is one on the top list that increases skin aging.

    1. You're right, visitor! hydrate and sunscreen are important.

  12. how much na ngayon anf potion ivi premium collagen?

  13. I just bought 2 packs today, each is Php199.00, Honestly it is very expensive and based on the other blogs I've read about the product. Most of them drink it a day before they attend an event as the effect of this collagen drink isn't permanent and this is too expensive to be taken daily. I agree with hydrating and staying away from sunlight if you can. Still on the look out for a collagen drink that gives long lasting results.

  14. Hi, great review so far on your blogs. I also started using this product called "TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins. I wonder if maybe you can also post a blog about it.

  15. I am using Colagen Supra Plus of Lavigor. It has a pleasant taste and addicting smell of berry. :)

  16. Ive been using ivi for quite sometime now and the results is good. I can feel it from varies on your skin type and your life style.

  17. Hi !
    Is it okay to take if im 25 years old?

  18. I’m using ivi ang Watson collagen it’s good results for me☺️

  19. Is true na you take 14 sachet makikita na ang result.

  20. Hinde ko gaano nakikita ang result sa ivi collagen kasi palagi ako nasisikatan ng araw.

    1. You should apply sunscreen if you're exposed to too much sunlight. And drink more water, sleep at least 8 hours. :)


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