Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

There's a fancy and a cozy place to hangout at SM Aura Sky Park 5th Floor starting April 8, Tuesday. Allow me to play a little like fortune teller here as I would like to predict that it's going to be a romantic dining place. Check out the photo below!

The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila
The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila
Magnum Manila is all set to open to the public next week. Who's excited for that? Raise your hand! Me!!

The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila
The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila
I was fortunate to be invited to the media launch sometime last week. It happened on the day that we're scheduled (my hubby and I) to leave for Baguio but we wouldn't want to miss Magnum so we took the afternoon trip. We're so excited to try Magnum Manila's line up of dishes and fancy desserts.

Magnum Manila
Magnum Manila
Magnum Manila

Just a piece of advice, starting April 8 if you happen to visit Magnum Manila and see a long queue better wait for it's all worth the trip.

The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila
Magnum Bar
Magnum Bar Toppings
In Magnum Manila, you'll get to taste Magnum creations and experience this pop-up restaurant concept called Magnum Pleasure Store. Yes, it's a pop-up restaurant and it might not stay that long so better pay a visit anytime soon. When you do, don't forget to MAKE YOUR OWN MAGNUM Bar!

Make Your Own Magnum
Magnum has few restaurants around the world,  From Milan and Cannes to New York and London, Jakarta and now in the Philippines. It had been so popular place abroad serving special dishes and oh so pleasurable specialty Magnum Ice Cream desserts. I've read blogs of Magnum abroad, it has a gorgeous interior.

Magnum Manila, by LivingMarjorney
dried raspberries
Here in Manila, I've been to the place once, my husband twice (the first one he was just standing outside the cafe LOL!) He was the first to tell me about it, I don't have any idea about it. Finally, the moment we've been waiting for to have our very own Magnum Pleasure Store has arrived.

We started with delicious Crostinis Three Ways one of which is a salmon and Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers. I like the Asian Steak Salad, my husband talks about the creaminess of Kabocha Pumpkin Soup.

Crostinis Three Ways
Crostinis Three Ways
Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers
Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers
We had several dishes but my favorite was the tasty Seared Salmon with Basil Creme and Chorizo Confit. The mashed potato soft, veggie fresh on a bed of delicious basil creme.

Seared Salmon with Basil Creme and Chorizo Confit 
It was my favorite and I will have it again on my next visit, highly recommended!

Asian Steak Salad
Kabocha Pumpkin Soup
Kabocha Pumpkin Soup
Interesting pasta dish came out topped with egg, Carbonara with bacon and sous vide egg.

Carbonara with bacon and sous vide egg
Carbonara with bacon and sous vide egg.
Juicy, huge Mushroom burger served with fries on the side was another favorite.

Mushroom burger
Mushroom burger
I moved around, went to the bar and started making my own Magnum. For only P100, you can create your make your own Magnum and choose from a wide array of toppings and dips.

Make Your Own Magnum Bar!

Here's how to make your own Magnum Bar!

Step 1: Choose 3 from 18 toppings 

Magnum Manila: The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila

Step 2:  Choose from 2 Magnum Ice Cream Bars (Vanilla or Chocolate)
Step 3:  Choose one from 3 chocolate dips (dark chocolate, white or milk chocolate)

Magnum Manila: The Magnum Pleasure Store in Manila

Step 4: Gentle shake (using a shaker) with toppings inside and placed on both sides your Magnum Bar.

By the way, these 18 toppings are actually categorized into three: the first row are called classic (nuts, chocolate, pretzels) the third are the adventurous (chili).

Create Your Own Magnum Bar

Step 5: A drizzle of white, milk or dark chocolate on top of your created Magnum bar. It's almost ready!

I had pistachio, dried raspberries and few chili flakes! Yes, you heard me right. I'm not really a fan of spicy food but let me tell this experience later on...

Create Your Own Magnum Bar
Step 6: Finally, the little "M" on top of it. 

Create Your Own Magnum Bar
Create Your Own Magnum Bar
Presenting my own Magnum Bar! I love the combination of three toppings - crunchy pistachio and a little kick of spiciness with the sweetness of ice cream melts in my mouth!

Create Your Own Magnum Bar
Magnum Bar (P100)
Create Your Own Magnum Bar
Make My Own Magnum Bar
Here are some Magnum creations on the menu you shouldn't miss. The Rainbow Dream (P250), white chocolate covered vanilla Magnum bar covered in dreamy rainbow cake crumble, on a moist slice of cream cheese rainbow cake.

Rainbow Dream , by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Rainbow Dream (P250)
Pink Friday (P290), strawberry marbled cheesecake on a bed of speculoos cookies and strawberry nerds, topped with pink chocolate dusted vanilla Magnum and strawberry coulis.

Pink Friday, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Pink Friday (P290)
Here's my favorite, the Cookie Dough Skillet (P250), warm chocolate chip cookie dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate and chopped pecans. I love the warm, soft and just right sweetness of the cookie dough.

Cookie Dough Skillet, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr
Cookie Dough Skillet (P250)

SM Aura is quite far from our place in QC, but with this trendy and gorgeous place serving our favorite dessert, Magnum I would go extra mile to dine once in a while at the newly opened Magnum Manila Pleasure Store. I hope to be back (many times) before this pop-up store closes!

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store
Look who's happy with his own masterpiece Magnum Bar!

View my Magnum Manila Album

Magnum Manila 
5th Floor Sky Park SM Aura Premier
Taguig City

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aylin said...

I would love to try it! Yung 1st and 2nd photos parang pre-nup lang. (^_^)

Marjorie said...

Of course, di mawawala #coupleshot pampa-tamis ng dessert! Yay, sis u should visit it! <3



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