My Hair Treatment Experience at T & J Salon

Sunscreen is my skin's best friend against sun exposure specially during the summer. I even use SPF 50 sunscreen. As for my hair, I apply hair protect serum immediately after blow dry. But the summer heat makes our hair dry and frizzy. Mine suffered from dryness when we had a series of city staycations. We love lounging by the pool, use the steam and sauna rooms. So when I came back, I scheduled an appointment at T & J Salon in SM Light Mall. The Hair Rescue 911 literally rescued my sun-damaged hair.

First thing I noticed is the clean and organized salon. The staff were friendly and accommodating. I was recommended to try T & J Salon's Rescue 911 Hair Treatment.

My Hair Pampering Experience at T & J Salon

The first step is to shampoo the hair to remove excess oil and dirt. I love the modern and comfy lavatory salon chair.

T&J Salon Professionals SM Light Mall is the community brand of Tony and Jackey. It's just one of the many branches nationwide. They also have one in SM North EDSA.

T&J Salon Professional caters the potential market not served by the existing Bangs Prime Salon. What's interesting at T&J salon is that hair stylists are Filipinos who trained by Korean hairstylists. Their skills were improved offering advance salon services guided by their mentors, the Professional Korean Hairstylists.

Rescue 911 Damage Clinic by T&J Salon

T & J Salon uses imported and high-quality products for hair treatments, colouring and styling. I was advised to have the Rescue 911 hair treatment using the Rescue 911 Damage Clinic (Fee Php 1,400+ on promo regular rate is Php 4,000). 

After shampooing, the stylist applied the 911 spray solution and placed under the salon dryer/heater for 30 minutes. They served coffee while having pampering. I was drafting blogs so there was no dull moment. Beside hubby was sitting right next to me having the same hair treatment.

Next, step 2 the Damage Clinic from the tub was applied evenly to my hair including the scalp, massaging the scalp gently. It was very relaxing. After another 30 minutes, the assistant lead me to the wash area and rinsed my hair. I had my hair trimmed and styled. 

Here's the outcome. How do you like my hair? I guess most of my friends and family love the new look - straight and shiny hair. Thanks to T & J for giving my hair a treat it deserved. I decided not to have hair color since it was only last February when I had it done by L'Oreal (read my blog about it here).

T & J Salon Services

T & J Salon services:

Don't miss the Ten 10 Deals of T&J Salon. They have an ongoing promo that's best this summer; for graduation and graduation ball look and hairdo.
  • Rebond or Perm
  • Hair Colour and Shine
  • Hair Treatment
  • Hair cut and styling
My Hair Treatment Experience at T & J Salon
with my friendly Filipina hairstylist, Verna and her assistant
My Hair Treatment Experience at T & J Salon

T & J Salon is having an ongoing summer promo especially for the graduating students. Do visit them at SM Light Mall along EDSA near MRT Boni station or book an appointment for the much needed hair pampering and graduation hairdo. Thanks for dropping by the blog today. I hope you would also read my previous travel post featuring my visit at Club Balai Isabel.


  1. Thank you for posting about the ongoing promo of tnj (rescue 911) as im curious of this treatment and i wish to try someday. I’d would like to know how long it will last? is it recommendable? How was your hair now? Hope you notice

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  3. hello, so what happened after you washed it?

  4. I also want this treatment.


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