Visiting Tam-awan Village Garden in the Sky

I visited other tourist places nearby Baguio City including the Tam-awan Village Garden in the Sky. I wanted to learn more about the Ifugao Culture and also to see the community of Filipino artist in Tam-awan.

Tam-awan village is located at Pinsao Proper, Baguio City. Getting there may be a little tricky but certainly well worth the trip. Tam-awan village, developed by Chanum Foundation provides us an overview of the Ifugao culture and history. This village is the venue of Ifugao arts and cultural activities.

When you arrive at the village, there's an information booth where you will pay a small amount for the entrance fee. Inside the village is the main hut that serves as the office for the visitors. You'll never go hungry after the tour, a coffee shop is open to serve you  with their native coffee. There are numerous huts within the village, a coffee shop, souvenir shop and art galleries. Cultural shows and recreational activities are also held at Tam-awan. 

Entrance Fees: 
Php 50 for Adults
Php 30 for Senior Citizens 
Php 20 for Children

Tam-awan Village
366-C Pinsao Proper
2600 Baguio City


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