Agwawan Beach, Mariveles, Bataan

San Isidro, Mariveles, Bataan

I have been in this place many times when I was a child especially during summer vacation but I never remember having a close-up view of Agwawan Beach. We were happy just viewing it from the top of the mountain, just a few blocks away from my uncle's house. 

I never thought that I will  see the beach more closely since nobody from the family had the time of going there, not until recently when a family friend wants to go near the beach, without hesitation I joined them so I could take photos.

Cloudy sky

I love standing here to watch the stunning beauty of this place every time I visit my uncle and his family in Mariveles, Bataan. Years ago, there were no means of transportation in this village so you'll definitely enjoy going up and down the mountain to reach your destination unless you have your own vehicle. Recently, (after more than 10 yrs) I came back for important family affair. This time I saw changes in the area; tricycles are awaiting at the High-way, housing are started to build inside the village.

As usual, I am excited to stop for a moment on my favorite spot so I could see the beauty of the overlooking beach and so I decided to walk. It's still the same, as always I love everything about it..the sky, the island, the blue water, the trees and the fresh air. I stopped for a moment and for the first time, I took photos. Why first time? because I don't own a cellular phones/digital camera when I used to go here. 

Fishing area

Grace enjoying the Rocky beach of Agwawan

Going to Mariveles, Bataan:

Take Genesis Bus located in Pasay and Cubao Terminal or along EDSA
Genesis Transport Services, INC
Terminal: Unit 101 A Giselle Park EDSA Cor Rotonda Pasay City
Tel No: (02) 551-0842

You may also take Bataan Transit (Bus terminal located in Aurora Blvd, Cubao)


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