The Giant Balloon Parade in Manila: BGC Passion Parade

The BGC Passion Parade started last Saturday, May 28 at Bonifacio High Street. We almost changed our minds and planned not to go there anymore because of the heavy rain the whole Saturday morning and afternoon. But I really wanted to witness the First Ever Giant Balloon Parade in Manila so we didn’t mind anymore the rain and immediately went to “The Fort” Bus terminal going East Route. Good thing, the rain stopped just before the parade started. :)
It didn’t disappoint us, the parade was spectacular! It started along 9th avenue. Here are some of the photos taken during the parade.


The Giant BGC Balloon!


55-piece Drum and Lyre Band playing the theme song of BGC.
Balloon House complete with DOORKNOB!

The Balloon Sculpture of Reginald Yuson’s Specific Gravity, “The Rock” waterfalls.

The dog balloon :)

The Giant Camera Balloon.

The famous Art Installation, Hearsay

This is one of my favorite, Basket of Flower Balloons!
The Brain Balloon.

Another favorite, Ice Cream Baloon! :)

The Miata Club Philippines and Pinoy Mini Club joined the parade.

 DSC04361 DSC04362
 DSC04363 DSC04275
 DSC04277 DSC04317
The parade of Mini Coopers!
 DSC04338 DSC04339
 DSC04340 DSC04341
 DSC04342 DSC04343

The pink one is cute, notice the blue lights underneath? While the next picture shows a young boy (with adult supervision) drives the Mini Cooper!

 DSC04344 DSC04345

The Mountain Bikers turn…
The rain did stopped when they (Barely Legal) started to dance with the theme song of BGC.

DSC04357 DSC04354
A long line of people for FREE HANDMADE BALLOONS shaped into  flower, ladybug bracelets.

 DSC04329 DSC04331

After an hour… finally it’s my turn!
Unfortunately, we were not able to register here for sketch portrait.

 DSC04387 DSC04388 

Of course, the fun was not over yet I have to go around and take a picture with my favorite Sculptured Balloons.

Overall, it was great event. I heard that they will be adding two more giant balloons on June 4.
See you there!

The BGC Passion Parade will hit the road of Bonifacio High Street along 9th, 7th and 11th streets on May 28 and June 4, 5pm


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