Monday Supper Club & Enjoy Phil’s Mexican Themed Dinner at Chihuahua Mexican Grill

    Monday Supper Club is the ultimate dining society for those with social hearts, seeking a happy hour, good food, pinch of fine dining, and a dash of culinary history. It could be a celebration of your birthday, anniversaries or just hanging out with friends or simply just want a good meal. Monday Supper Club is one of the best group for great night out.

    This week, Monday Supper Club celebrated Mexican themed event held at Chihuahua Mexican Grill. I am thankful that they invited me to cover the said event. It was also a timely celebration of GUELAGUETZA. A festival celebrated in Mexico also known as Lunes del cerro or Mondays of the Hill because it is celebrated on the top of El Fortin Hill, a place with spectacular view of the city and surrounding. Guelaguetza a Mexican word which means to share or to give. It is also a reciprocal interchange of presents and services. This interchange is a strong tie among people of communities and families. Guelaguetza is celebrated every Monday of July.  In the Philippines, Guelaguetza was celebrated in a Mexican themed party presented by Mondays Supper Club, Enjoy Philippines at the newly opened Tex-Mex restaurant, Chihuahua Mexican Grill (click the link and read separate post).

ENJOY cardDSC06757

    That night, we had the traditional Mexican meal consists of beans, rice, fresh tortillas, and fresh vegetables. The main dish includes pork, chicken or beef, which is served along with beans. Inside the restaurant is a cozy atmosphere with bright color and modern interior. The background music and a glass of frozen Margarita makes me feel like I’m in Mexico.

floorArea interior.

interior design  DSC06740 

    It has a very simple counter and menu, you can see numbers from 1 to 4 which literally means step 1 to 4. Step 1 simply choose the stuffing/filling from steak, chicken, pork or veggies. Step 2, choose if you want Tacos, Burrito, Burrito bowl or salad. Step 3, add  a side dish like Mexican salad, Chili, Nacho Grande, Chips and Queso and/or Tortilla soup. Step 4 choose your drink from Tequila, Margarita, Michelada, Beer or Soft drinks. Simple isn’t it? because this is a place to dine, relax and enjoy good food.

food counter 

     Ms. Minerva Raneses grace the event and introduce Monday Supper Club and Enjoy Philippines. The evening’s highlight was Chef Elian Habayeb’s (Chihuahua Mexican Grill owner) cooking demonstration on how to make a delicious BURRITO.

Chef Elian Habayeb. DSC06718

 DSC06720 DSC06721 DSC06722 DSC06707 

    Everyone is invited to sample from the sauce library, the owner’s impressive collection of rare sauces gathered from all over the world.

Sauce Library

    The night was filled with laughter, socialization and meeting new and old friends. It was meant to satisfy our palates with huge flavorful burrito, crispy nachos, fresh salad and of course a glass of frozen Margarita, Chihuarita or Michelada.

DSC06687 DSC06727 DSC06728 DSC06746 DSC06750  satisfied costumersDSC06749 Ms. Ines Cabarrus

    The next culinary tour will take us to a fine dining course, says Ms. Mimi (Ms. Minerva) and I’m definitely one excited. Hopefully, I will be able to join the Monday Supper Club on every culinary adventures.

Do you also want to join us? Visit Monday Supper Club and Enjoy Philippines and learn about exciting night out and good food. See you next Monday! :)




Visit the Monday Supper Club Website and Enjoy Philippines

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7838 Makati Ave across A-venue (in Makati’s Nightlife district)

Chihuahua Website


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  1. Marge, your blog is so interesting that it never fails to tempt me into branching out to the food places you've been to. A different food experience indeed! Thanks:)


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