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Skin lesions are caused by increased sebaceous secretions during puberty and adolescence and according to some studies more than three fourths of all adolescents are affected. Dirt blocks skin pores resulting in local inflammation we all familiar as pimples.

My friend always admires my pimple free face and she always ask me what’s the secret for having a blemished, pimple free and fair skin. At times she loses her self-confidence and become very timid because of her inflamed face caused by pimples and acne. According to studies, pimples are also exacerbated by menstruation, STRESS, oil-based cosmetics and even contraceptives. Chocolates and oily food also contributes and worsen it. I advised her to avoid picking or squeezing the pimples as it causes infection and scarring. I also encourage her to regularly cleanse her face and skin especially when sweat during hot whether and after exercise or strenuous activities. A healthy life style like having a balance diet, rest and avoiding stress prevents pimples from worsening. However, I am aware that we cannot avoid irritants, dust and dirt. They are everywhere, even inside our house, towels and bed covers.


I was browsing the web and looking for an over-the-counter anti acne fighting solution which I plan to recommend to her until I found Proactiv Solution which offers a 30 day or 60 day kit 3-Step System. The basic three steps has Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment.
I was surprised that another female international artist joined fellow Hollywood celebrities  like Mandy Moore; the pop heart throb Justin Bieber and my favorite singer Avril Lavigne in endorsing this product.  A new face of Proactiv has the latest song, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, Katy Perry.

With her busy schedule from world tours and road shows, Katy Perry started getting acne from stress and lack of sleep. Acne made her vulnerable and controlled her confidence. Being a real person, she always believe that she has to share this experience to her fans and that there’s always a solution to acne, pimple problems and that’s Proactiv. This beautiful lady admits using the NEW Proactiv with micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to fight back acne.

“After trying every procedure, facial treatment and products I could find, I finally decided to try Proactiv. I mean, I had nothing to lose except my acne, and it was definitely okay with losing that!” – says Katy Perry.

“Since then, I’ve seen massive changes in my face and my confidence. All of my big, kind of stick-out bumps went flat, my blemishes progressively got smaller and smaller, and even some of my scarring started going away.”- she added.

“ I'm a person who gives hugs, not handshakes. I like contact with people. Proactiv is now my simple, easy way to make sure that acne doesn't get in the way of me having fun and living life to the fullest.” – Katy Perry

And who wouldn’t want to have an acne free skin like Katy Perry? Even if I don’t have had those annoying pimples, I think I should also start using Proactiv to remove blackheads. Aside from that, the New Proactiv, Faster and Gentler is so easy to find. It’s now available at all Watsons Stores and SM Department stores nationwide. The NEW Proactiv contains micro crystal benzoyl peroxide that is absorbed quickly (even to clogged pores) to kill the acne causing bacteria so this will yield satisfying results even faster. The best thing is that it easily penetrates to the skin, the benzoyl peroxide goes directly to the target and it does not stay on the surface of the skin thus it lessens the rate of dryness and redness that is associated with benzoyl peroxide. In addition, the risk of allergic reaction is reduced. With continued use, customers will notice the effect that is faster acting and much milder.


I have to tell this product to my friend and maybe she can get  FREE MOVIE PASS for the SMURFS. Proactiv is currently giving away free movie pass for the Smurfs Movie from July 20-August 10, 2011 in the following stores: SM Department Stores in Megamall, Makati and North EDSA. Watsons Megamall located at the 2nd floor and Watsons Mall of Asia. I hope she’ll get a free movie pass since this promo is only valid for the first 18 buyers of Proactiv.

You can also get free movie pass just purchase any Proactiv Kit in any stores I mentioned above and approach the official Proactiv Promodiser assigned in the participating outlets to redeem your free item.

I know how it feels having those irritating bumps on face, it doesn’t only control one’s confidence  it also lowers self-esteem while earning a lot of insecurities which affects  school or job performance. My friend find it very hard to make new friends because she thinks that people looks on her face paying attention on her pimples. She even tried a lot of products without relief and sometimes it just worsen. Now, I’m so excited to tell her that the solution is just Proactiv.


  1. Katy Perry has joined in the bandwagon, too? Am sure more people will be enticed to use Proactiv now that she is on board :D
    jared's little corner

  2. oh i hate acne!!
    And I always see to it that my face is not oily before making 'beso-beso' ehhehe kakahiya eh so dapt malinis lagi face :D

  3. Unlike you, my face is not blemish-free. I'm in my mid-30s already yet my face is still riddled with pimples and blemishes. I just might try this product.


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