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My life become so difficult when deprived with the internet. Not because I am addicted to gaming websites, it's because my job needs me to stay online. Handling an online testing tool is very easy when you have the best internet speed and a reliable machine. 

Yes, I am almost 24 hours online everyday. When I am not in front of my notebook, notifications and instant messages directly goes to my mobile phone. I prefer that, instead of spending a lot on text messages I suggest that they send me IMs and replying to them wouldn't cost too much on my part. To maintain that connection I need a good, reliable and easy to use mobile phone.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of smartphones on the market. You just have to choose which one covers your budget and lifestyle. The internet does not only gives us the freedom to work at home. When I learned about shopping online, a trip to the shopping malls has becoming seldom. At times, I just need to order our meal and have it delivered at home. There’s another online store that sells foot gear that my best friend loves to visit and purchase. Most items he purchased arrived on time and in good condition. Last Christmas, instead of making desserts like “ube” and custard cake I ordered them online and we agreed to meet in one of the mall along Quezon City. I gained a lot  from having new friends to earning extra income with online selling. Thanks to social networking, I was able to promote my small business which most of my friends and colleagues are my primary customers. Aside from selling, I started to enjoy shopping online for personal care products and food. I even created a list of my favorite online shopping stores.

There’s so many gadgets that I’m eyeing over the online stores and I think it’s high time to purchase for myself. My laptop who has turn four yrs old last March started to slow down. While saving for a new one, I started looking for an affordable yet best laptop for me. My current phone has been my partner in communication since 2009. Though it has been very useful to me and I have no complaints about it, maybe because it’s getting tedious so I want something new like a Samsung brand. Since I haven’t own one in my entire life, this time I would definitely choose from the wide-selection of an affordable yet powerful Samsung phones.  

Samsung phones have irresistible designs and excellent functionality. I know it because most of my relatives and siblings choose this brand. My brother has Samsung gt-b3410 while my sister-in-law uses Samsung Corby 2. Aside from the lovely designs, they are ear-friendly and can hold its own even on moderately noisy environments. I also need an FM radio for the on-the-go entertainment. Other great features like; a nice QWERTY keyboard and fashionable touch screens, wireless Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, powerful camera and video recording. 

When online shopping started to boom, honestly I did not bother to try it since most online shopping requires you to use your credit card for payment. However, shopping at doesn’t require you to have one. Sellers posts their contact details and location where you can also meet them. For me, this is more reliable and gives me the chance to personally meet the seller. While some prefers money transfer, it’s also another option for those who want to pay in cash. It was fun browsing over the classified ads on new and even second-hand products!

Others, requires to register first before you can browse on their site which I find very inconvenient. 
AyosDito has a useful drop-down list where items and services are categorized. This website is not new to me, I can still remember that I was also searching for a part-time job few years ago but wasn’t able to attend the scheduled interview. They have several job posting related to Nursing, local and abroad. What I like here is that they sorted items by Regions, Provinces and Cities so that you can easily look for the products or services near your place.

I am hoping to have a Samsung Galaxy tab and while waiting, I still have to search over the internet to find one that fits my budget. I think I found a quite interesting ads to help me decide the best Samsung phones. I will continue looking for sale and bargains online. I want to make sure that I will buy the one that fits my lifestyle and personal needs.

How about you, what’s your best mobile phone so far and where did you buy that? Have you had any experience shopping online? Please share your experiences too and give me some more tips.


  1. the online shops are somehow blessings to us busy people who hardly finds time to go out, I had my share of shopping sprees online before and the most part that I like is you can still make "tawad" at the last minute :)

  2. Buy and Sell never been easy in page.

  3. I am really enjoying searching for items online with just a click away! it's easier than going to the mall. :)

  4. nice site for all the buyers like you! ma try nga ang ayosdito!!


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