CBTL’s Chicago Cheesecake and Hot Double Chocolate

After indulging with spicy Thai cuisine such as Spicy Shrimp Salad, Tom Yam Goong, Green Curry with Chicken and Curry with Shrimp, I started craving for sweet and creamy dessert that same day.

Cheesecake – one of my comfort food. I always run for a slice of delicious, creamy, smooth and soft, not so sweet cheesecake for the times I need to unwind and whenever I feel like giving myself some reward. Who can resist this  delightful  cheesecake? not me. I admit being addicted to cakes and pastries and cheesecake is something I won’t get tired of eating even everyday. The nice thing with chicago cheesecake is its simplicity, very basic. I’m  glad that CBTL serves cheesecake with 100% cream cheese with graham crust.

I ate cheesecake as if it’s the last...closing my eyes as I indulge myself. Silently enjoying every bite as it register on my brain and sub consciousness to my heart. Happiness is at its peak every time I have a slice of it, even a thin slice. But never give me a whole cheesecake for I wouldn’t want to share it to anyone.
CBTL Chicago Cheesecake

A large cup of hot double chocolate goes well with my cheesecake. The mouth watering aroma, rich chocolaty taste of this hot beverage boosts my energy. The creaminess plus the marshmallows on top makes me love it even more. For me, it’s best consume while hot.

When I finished my merienda, that was the time I think about all the calories I consume, but still thankful that my weight remains the same though need to watch out the blood sugar level from time to time.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I visited recently: Resorts World Branch
Other Favorite Stores: Trinoma Branch and Robinsons Galleria
Visit their Facebook: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


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