Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day 2011

In celebration of Nuffnang’s Blog Day 2011, I listed my 6 top blogs.

1. AdobongBlog by Nick Ballesteros.
Started in 2008, also the year I got to read more about blogs to search for good recipes and inspiring stories, but I just recently got into his website and easily became interested in his blog posts. AdobongBlog is about Filipino recipes and food blog in New Zealand. Even I’m here in the Philippines, I still crave on Filipino dishes featured on his blog.
2. Yaya Where's my Tsinelas
Started in 2010, it’s a blog that aims to follow Yuri and his trusty slippers wherever they may go in search of good accommodations, travel destinations, experiences and food. I like the way he capture photos. Though I’ve been into blogging events, I haven’t personally met the author of this blog.
3. The Lost Boy Lloyd
A blog about wandering wonder kid from Manila who travelled in the city in search for love but also in the look out for the best food, places and attractions and memorable vacation.
4. The City Roamer
Alwin aka The City Roamer himself loves photography, technology and gadget. His blog talks about anything under sun from food, gadget, the city and even business. He also blog about new products and events happening in the metro. Indeed, Alwin is a true City Roamer.
5. The Pinay Food Writer
Chun shares about her food adventures, both the bad and the good.
6. UNBOX is ultimate source for everything awesome for men. Talks about the best products available in the market and featured in this blog.
There goes my six best new blogs for this year. I have a lot of favorite blogs maybe I can write about those next year. For the meantime, check out their sites and you might find out why I love them!
Happy Blogging!


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