24 Hours Before Doomsday!

We heard thousand times about the coming of Christ or to others they say it’s the end of the world. I myself have been asking myself if there’s really the so-called end of the world. Honestly, I’m not  comfortable talking about it. Yes, I admit death is something I’m afraid of, but for years I was able to cope with that fear and somehow learning to become fatalist.

What if it really comes? Are all of us ready - emotionally and spiritually.  For me, ‘end of the world’ simply means my own demise, the time when death comes to anyone. It could be tragic,  solemn, silent, sudden or a slowly death due to severe disease.

Every time we talked about end of the world, we never fail to ask what things we want  before it come. For others, it could be nonsense but there’s a man name Harold Camping who said that end of the world will arrive sometime in May (May 21, 2011). Though nothing really happened, it was still all over the news and this man made another prediction that an earthquake will be happening on the last day – October 21, 2011. 

Just in case it happen, I made a bucket list before the world ends. Two important things that I always carry in life, words and actions for they are two different things.

There are times words are not enough to express how you feel. So just in case end of the world will happen in 24 hours. I will say “I LOVE YOU” to people close to my heart. By the way, this will be very difficult since I really don’t say it at all, that’s true and I’m just being honest. Second will be “SORRY” for the people I hurt and the people who hurt me too. And finally, words like “SEE YOU AGAIN or UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN”.

  1. This time, I’ll become a little showy and affectionate. 
  2. I’ll spend all my money on dessert. 
  3. I’ll try to face all my fear
  4. I’ll go where my feet will bring me – nearest mountain or sea
  5. I’ll paint again and took photos of my last minute.
  6. I'll spent the rest of the day with the one I love.

That’s it! My list may show who really am I but I think there’s nothing wrong being true to yourself and to others especially when the END IS NEAR.
Just always be ready!


  1. Uy, bukas na pala yun... :) Well, if his predictions are true, then I would like to say I am thankful that I got to meet you.


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