My Blogapalooza Experience

Held at the 5th floor Fully Booked, Bonifacio Global City last Sept 17, 2011 with 150 influential bloggers and 50 Businesses, this B2B event was a huge success. But what it is to be part of the Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something to share and the online community of people who love to share. With Blogapalooza, businesses get a chance to present their products/services to 150 influential bloggers and online social media influencers. It’s a free event created by Mr. Vince Golangco and Everyone had the chance to get invited but we need to apply to get an invite. 

My Blogapalooza Experience
Photo from K Imaging (Kameraman photos-to-go)

A 3rd batch of bloggers was released when I decided to register my blog for the first Blogapalooza.   

With Vince of WhenInManila
My attention was caught at the mural where all participating blog URLs are written. I was overwhelmed looking how big the community and grateful my blog was selected.

The event was spontaneous, well-prepared  from registration to in-between breaks. With a nice sound system and background music playing so you’ll feel like you’re in a party. I enjoyed capturing photos, meeting new friends – these are the purpose of every bloggers’ event, to enjoy and have fun.

Each participating brand were given five minutes to present their products/brands and service in a unique way without using the usual PowerPoint presentation.

Just before the presentation we were served with tasty spaghetti  from Italiannis restaurant. A delicious banana muffin and carrot drink from Healthy First and a bottle of Mineral water from AquaBest.  There’s a free hot tea from Lipton too, I had milk tea with cinnamon. For snack, we were served with flame-grilled sausage burgers from the Size Matter with choices from Breakfast and Hungarian.

Going back to my question earlier of what it is to be included in Blogapalooza? Aside from a bag full of products, I got the  chance to talk about my blog with the person sitting next to me and to a fellow blogger I met at the comfort room. A few hours of bonding with my second cousin, Jenn and friend Daryl while we talked about the sexy shoes and elegant dress wore by one of the business representative.

My Blogapalooza Experience
Photo from K Imaging (Kameraman photos-to-go)

For the businesses - they need to maintain their existence in the world where competitions are constant.  I love featuring products on my blog site while the latter keeps on promoting  their services to people – producer-consumer relationship just like supply and demand, and that is B2B all about. Thanks to Blogapalooza for this great opportunity.

At the end of the program, all of us received a gift pack filled with sampled products and gift certificates from sponsors and companies.  What a great help if bloggers will share their experiences using these products. 


Where you able to attend the first Blogapalooza?



  1. wow I'm here, thanks for the mention, nice article! Keep it going Marj :) See yeah!


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