Lighten Up Your Day with Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Milk Tea!


They say it’s going to be a Milk Tea year in 2011. With many milk tea stores opening in the market, offering for as low as P45 to P110, do you think Milk Tea will take the lead over coffee and other comfort drinks?

Even most coffee shops known with their signature drinks have decided to try their hand in something that they’ve always had but didn’t really shine the spotlight on – TEA. Seattle’s Best Coffee made sure that the “best” coffee has exactly your cup of tea in SBC’s Milk Tea.

SBC Milk Tea with IceSeattle's Best Milk Tea with ice


Seattle's Best Milk Tea Over Ice

Seattle’s Best has new offerings - Milk Tea available in Hot and Iced.

SBC Milk Tea Hot

Customers can enjoy the new Seattle’s Best hot Milk Tea or over-ice with red chewy tapioca pearls to give a refreshing twist to your usual routine. Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Milk Tea has that perfect blend of black and green tea infused with the sweetness of caramel.

SBC Milk Tea is your cup of milk tea to prepare you for the day or to help ease the stress of the day away. It is available only until March 31, 2012. P110 (Medium) and P120 (Large)

SBC Milk Tea

I personally like the Hot Milk Tea, for me the sweetness is just right and smooth. The latter goes well with SBC clubhouse sandwich which I even shared to my friend.

SBC clubhouse sandwich

The pasta dish is good, the noodles are al dente, it has the right blend of sweetness and tomato flavor. It’s a perfect pasta dish for me!

SBC Pasta Arrabbiata

Have your own cup of tea, visit your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branches today and try out SBC’s Milk Tea and become a member of the coffee community

Have you tried the new Seattle’s Best Milk Tea, what do you like most? Hot or Iced? Leave a comment below and share your experience. Enjoy your SBC Milk Tea!


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