Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Valentine Cookies


Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Valentine Cookies

Heart-shaped cakes, pastry bites and cookies –  gifts we love to have this Valentine’s Day!

Each is covered in fondant and carries a different designs.

Just before Valentine’s Day I received several heart-shaped cakes from my loved one. Yes, it’s more than two cakes, he even gave additional three for my family -  mom, brother and sister during our family meet-up.

I thought the cakes and pastry bites would be the last heart-shaped food items I will have before Valentines until we went to Seattle’s Best Coffee Gilmore Branch, a newly opened branch of SBC and offered us to try their Valentine Cookies.

Each is covered in fondant and carries a different designs.

This special love month, Seattle’s Best Coffee features heart-shaped cookies that are perfect to match your favorite brew.

The cookies are available in four cute designs to suit the moment and your personality, you’re guaranteed a sweet ending to that perfect date.

SBC Valentine Cookies

SBC Valentine Cookies are that little thoughtful presents you give to someone to say thank you. You can give them to your best friend, classmate, brother or sister, colleague or even to a stranger just to show how much you care.

There’s a chocolate flavored butter cookie and the classic butter cookie. Each is covered in fondant and carries a different designs.

SBC Valentine Cookies

I love the red cookie, simply because it’s red and classic buttered cookie.

My SBC Valentine Cookies goes well with a cup of smooth and sweet SBC Hot Milk Tea.

SBC Valentine Cookies  

Available at all SBC branches and packed in a cute red box perfect as a gift to your loved one!

Hurry to your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branch today because these sweet treats are only until February 21, 2012.


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