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Who’s not familiar with Selecta Cornetto Disc SongHey Daydreamer”? When I first saw the TV Commercial, I admit there’s the “kilig” feeling listening to the song and watching the ice cream commercial.

Without any idea who’s the singer and composer, still I find it very beautiful and “ear-catching”. Adding an ice cream product which I love, I can’t resist but watch the commercial every time it runs.

“She tell You and me, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

Few days ago, OrangeMagazineTV invited Bloggers for a meet and greet the OPM’s Ground Breaking Artist Somedaydream, the man behind the popular song “Hey Daydreamer”. As a big fan of this TV Ad, I didn’t want to miss the chance and meet this young artist. Just like other Bloggers’ Meet-Up, we were expecting to see a live performance and were not disappointed. It was like listening to a foreign artist.

2011 was a big year for Rez Toledo aka Somedaydream. Aside from being awarded by Yahoo Philippines as Breakthrough Artist and Icon of the Year, his hit single “Hey Daydreamer” got the number 1 spot of both Pinoy MYX Hit Charts year-ender edition. It was also radio station RX 93.1’s “Song of the Year” and also made him “OPM Artist of the Year”. Somedaydream likewise performed at the prestigious 2011 MYX Music Awards.

Here’s my personal favorite part of the song…

“And I couldn’t believe we’re dreaming

I couldn’t believe we’re leaving this world

For one with more fantasy, just you and me

So that tonight we both can finally be”

Behind every great performer is a great mentor, ex-Hale vocalist turned solo artist Champ Lui Pio managed and mentored Somedaydream.

Champ Lui Pio

The album features his two hit singles “Hey Daydreamer” and “Delivery Boys” plus additional tracks like “Do-do With You” (watch the video above of Do-do With You and Hey Daydreamer), “Sing This Song” and “Break”.

Aside from that, you’ll love the acoustic version of “Hey Daydreamer”.


During the interview portion, someone asked him how he feels to be recognized now that he's popular. He politely said “I’m happy that people know my song” “But I didn’t expect it to be that so fast” he added.

The young singer said, he might be a director if not into music “Before I’m into music I was into visual arts”.

During his spare time, he loves to write songs and play with the piano.


Somedaydream’s debut album is now out in CDs for only P250 exclusively available in all Astroplus branches under Mecca Music and MCA Music. It also available digitally via for only P25 per song.


You may also download Somedaydream’s song on your mobile phones by sending SMS, just text SD to 2346.


Somedaydream’s 1st Bloggers’ Meet-Up is brought to you by MCA Music, Mecca Music and Pinoy Magazine in cooperation with official online partner Orange Magazine TV and Blue Onion Bar and Restaurant.

More photos:

Somedaydream Bloggers' Night Blue Onion Interior, EastwoodBlue Onion Interior, EastwoodBlue Onion Interior, EastwoodBlue Onion Interior, EastwoodBlue Onion Interior, EastwoodSomedaydream Bloggers' Night

Thanks to Orange Magazine TV for the invite! Congratulations Somedaydream!


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