Movie|MORON 5 and the Crying Lady


Movie: Moron 5 and the Crying Lady

The long weekend is over. Six days were spent in two nearby provinces - a chance to visit our families and relatives too!

Watched a movie, eat our favorite halo-halo on a Black Saturday afternoon, dinner with the family. The long vacation was capped off watching a foreign comedy film which we did not enjoyed and I don’t intend to finish  so I fell asleep. I woke up and he said, it was the one of the worst movies he ever saw!

Good thing we were invited to watch the latest comedy film produced by VIVA films -MORON 5 and the Crying Lady.

Right after reading the invitation, I immediately watched the trailer (found below). Suddenly he sat beside me and told me to replay the trailer. I knew it was a funny and interesting film so we agreed to attend the Block Screening.

This film is rated GP (General Patronage) which means anyone can watch it.

Why Moron 5?  It’s a story of five dumb, slow, dim-witted people.  The Moron 5 are innocent and can’t even argue and prove themselves. But the five has a strong connection with each other - friendship.

Seating comfortably in Gateway Cinema’s  leather La-Z-Boy recliners enjoying a large cup of soda, unlimited popcorn, hotdog sandwich and Taco Bell Burrito.

Gateway Platinum Cinema 10Moron 5 and the Crying Lady Gateway Platinum Cinema 10

I like watching Tagalog movies! It all started when I was a little girl, I can still remember waiting for Tagalog films played in a local channel every day. With my aunt Charito who shares common interest, we would laugh together and I would ask her about the actors. She’s familiar with Tagalog films, even the actors of the early 60’s. 

Moron 5 Block ScreeningThank you Gateway Cinema and VIVA films!

The Moron 5 did a good job in portraying stupidity – very natural! The character reminds me of Mr. Bean.

Moron 5 & The Crying Lady - Gateway Platinum CinemaI love how John "Sweet" Lapus  changes his voice and mimics different personalities. We were laughing so hard when he started imitating the voice of Puma Ley-Ar and Ida of popular TV show in the 80's, Shaider. I know it because I’m also a fan of Shaider and Annie. I love the latter part of the movie - Sweet playing different characters from yaya (housemaid), mom, sister and brother.

The near-ending is super funny! If you like to relax, laugh and enjoy watch this movie with your friends and loved ones.

The story also tackles about hatred, craziness and love. Find out why Becky (John Lapus) ended up be schizophrenic and what happens to the Moron 5.

With actors Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, Martin Escudero, DJ Durano and John “Sweet” Lapus, Moron 5 is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

The film is directed by Director Wenn V. Deramas and Produced by VIVA Films/ MVP Pictures.

John Sweet Lapus

Congratulations Moron 5 and the Crying Lady!


“Half-witted longtime friends Albert (Luis Manzano), Isaac (Billy Joe), Mozart “Mo” (DJ Durano), Michaelangelo “Mike” (Martin Escudero) and Aristotle“Aris” (Marvin Agustin) were used to living moronic yet pretty normal and hassle-free lives until successful career woman Becky Pamintuan (John Lapus) accused them of killing her father and ruin everything for them. The Moron 5 are more than sure of their innocence but for the life of them, they can't find any single satisfactory argument on how to prove it especially when their opponent would do everything to punish them for whim. Spending three miserable years in prison trying different failed comedic attempts to get out, they finally figured a way to escape. They stalked Becky and tried to understand why she's fighting so hard to have them imprisoned when it's clear as day that what happened three years ago was a nonsense frame-up. An opportunity came when Becky's driver got fired for having an affair with her maid and Albert volunteered to apply to replace him. He infiltrated the Pamintuan Residence and together with his four crazily daft friends, they've gathered information about the curious family yet to them, it isn't making any sense at all especially Becky's unexplained hatred to the five of them. Why is Becky fighting so hard to have them suffer? The Moron 5 will try their hardest to know and hopefully understand what's really going on although little did they know that by doing so, everything that they hold dear might be at risk.” (From


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