Magnolia Ice Cream Reveals “The Best of the Philippines” Collection


“Love Mother Earth, it’s the only planet with ICE CREAM!”

Magnolia Ice Cream Mangoes and Cream


I used to think that ice cream is for the little ones, the kids! Give a child a cup of cold, creamy, luscious ice cream and you’ll see a genuine smile on his face, sweet like an ice cream!


I would like to start this post with a question. “Can you stop after one spoonful?” My answer is NO! It has become my habit to have it in a large bowl or cup but more frequently, I enjoyed it scooping directly from the tub. I could stop after one or two spoonful but definitely I’m not happy so I’ll go back and have another scoop and another spoonful until I finished the whole tub.

Cup of Magnolia Ice Cream

Ice cream has become my comfort food followed by cakes (cheesecake) and chocolates. This cold, luscious, sweet dessert calms me each time I’m feeling bad and stressed. Sometimes it’s given to me as a peace offering and I prefer it too as a birthday gift to my nephews and niece.

So how could I decline an invitation to the launching of six (6) exciting flavors from the pioneering ice cream brand in the country?

How can I resist a cold, creamy, luscious, sweet dessert!Magnolia Ice Cream Glod Label|Dolce de Leche

Magnolia Ice Cream,  the first name in ice cream recently launched its "Best of The Philippines" Collection representing different provinces and it's featured product like Macapuno Banana and Macapuno Langka for the province of Laguna and Coffee Crumble and Tsokolate Tablea for the province of Batangas.

Six lovely ladies presented Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines Collection.


Batangas’ Tsokolate Tablea Batangas’ Tsokolate Tablea

Batangas’ Coffee CrumbleBatangas’ Coffee Crumble

Guimaras’ Mangoes and CreamGuimaras’ Mangoes and Cream

Baguio’s Ube KesoBaguio’s Ube Keso

Other flavors includes Laguna’s Macapuno Langka and Laguna’s Macapuno Banana.

Elmo Magalona, the newest MIC celebrity endorser for Magnolia Frozen Delights, Cookie Monster and Fizz Rootbeer Float sung "Mga Kababayan Ko", popularized by his late dad Francis Magalona. A song that fits the new MIC Best of the Philippines Collection.  

Elmo Magalona

MIC General Manager Mayo Alcon said that the flavors best represent these provinces in the same way that the brand promoted Guimaras through its Mangoes and Cream and the Baguio Good Shepherd with the Ube Keso variety.

“We are happy that these provinces agreed to be featured for our new Magnolia Ice Cream flavors. We are hitting two birds with one stone by promoting our new flavors and the country’s tourism program,” Alcon said.

Rizal Shrine, Hidden Valley, Pagsanjan Falls, St, Peter Alcantara Church and Mt. Makiling as well as the Anakalang and Luisiana Pandan Festivals are features tubwrap of Laguna’s Macapuno and Macapuno Langka.


The Batangas tubwrap highlights the Mt. Carmel Church in Lipa City, Taal Park, Calaruega Church, Jaybanga Lobo, Taal Volcano, Ambon-Ambon Falls, Malabrigo Lighthouse, Fantasy World, Mt. Malarayat, Acuatico San Juan Laiya and Cintal Coritos Garden Resort along with the Ala Eh Festival.

Magnolia Ice Cream Macapuno Langka Tubwrap

Few weeks ago, my brother Litel and I were enjoying Magnolia Ice Cream’s Double Gold Double: Double Dutch and Choco Chip Cookie Dough. Like me he’s always excited every time I open a tub of ice cream. 

IMG_2051Magnolia Ice Cream Macapuno Langka

Now, were having the Macapuno Langka flavor. I love the langka bits. I planned to add it in making yummy smoothies or topped in a plain tasty bread or slice of chocolate cake. Still, I prefer  scooping and eating directly from the tub, it gives the impression that the ice cream is mine! Smile


Watch the latest TV Commercial and remember their message “Huwag Maging Dayuhan Sa Sariling Ice Cream!”

Now, let me end this post by saying, "Thank you Magnolia Ice Cream for bringing the best of the Philippines!”

(From L-R LivingMarjorney, Althea Writing for NomNomClub, Phepot of Make or Break and Jennifer of My Tummy is Full) Magnolia-Ice-Cream-72

How about you, Can you stop after one spoonful? Winking smile


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