Daniel’s Hood: Give Your Family Those Extra Minutes Of Chance to Escape

Imagine how painful losing a house or properties from fire moreover losing a family member or loved ones. I know because my dad passed away due to smoke inhalation, suffocation and third degree burns.\

It’s been a decade now when we were shocked by a phone call telling us that papa was trapped  inside their burning office in Las Pinas. Suddenly, I remember a dream I had the night before he passed away. In my dream, he was reaching my hand and calling my name, I saw fire and he’s calling for help.

More than a decade has passed, that dream was still fresh to me. Of course, initially there's anger most especially that I’m close to him. That anger even brought me to the police station repeatedly trying to have my own investigation even asked the people who witnessed the incident.

Few weeks ago, my boyfriend introduced me to his friend who sells fire protective equipment.

If There’s Smoke…There’s Fire!

Daniel’s Hood: Give Your Family Those Extra Minutes Of Chance to Escape
Daniel’s Hood & Premium Products Inc.. is a pioneer in introducing personal protective equipment for use in the home or in offices in times of natural perils including fire related incidents.

Our friend, Louie showed us the Hood Purify Air 60M (Fire Escape Smoke Hood) as a product “must have” for every family and for every company as an indispensable product to escape and survive.

What is Daniel’s Hood
  1. It is an atmospheric, air purifying negative pressure, filtration device with a flame retardant hood.
  2. It is designed for emergency escape only.
  3. It provides respiratory, head and eye protection to facilitate evacuation from hazardous fire and toxic gas & smoke atmosphere.
  4. Filters poisonous smoke and toxic gasses.
  5. Provides protection for a period of time, up to 60 minutes,
  6. Can be used for children aged 10 and above, in case of emergency.
  7. Protects against Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Propenal (Acrolein)
  8. Flam-retardant hood that protects head from direct fire up or hot burning ash.
Daniel’s Hood

How To Use:
  1. Open the box and take out hood from sealed plastic
  2. Pull 2 plugs of the filter by the string (front & side)
  3. Wear the hood on the head and position nose and mouth on the filter inside. Adjust straps to fit.
  4. Find the emergency exit and escape.
Daniel’s Hood (1)Daniel’s Hood (2)Daniel’s Hood (3)Daniel’s Hood (4)Daniel’s Hood (5)Daniel’s Hood (6)Daniel’s Hood (7)

Smoke & Toxic Gases

“Smoke-inhalation victims have less time to escape and more likely to be incapacitated from the toxic smoke, thereby increasing the risk of other injuries, such as thermal injuries.” – Medical Director at the Maryland Institute for Medical Services
“The Mortality rate following smoke inhalation is between 45-76% with most deaths occurring before the patient reaches hospital usually as a result of carbon monoxide and/or cyanide poisoning” – Health Protection Agency (Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division, London)

The Daniel’s Hood is recommended for personal emergency escape from smoke and toxic gas inhalation due to fire.

Daniel’s Hood

Ask yourself, are you prepared? Is your family equipped with fire protective device? Would you like to give them those extra minutes of chance to escape without fainting?

I realized there are incidents in life that we cannot understand yet we need to accept. Years have passed I still pity my dad, I can’t imagine how painful and difficult the last minutes of his life. After several years, I got to visit the place. The building still exists and was renovated. I don’t think I have the guts to go near the building. As I write this post, I remember tomorrow is a special day intended for our father/dad/papa. I would like to end this post saying “Happy Father’s Day to you, papa and to all fathers out there!” 

LivingMarjorney:Papa & Tina about 20 years agoPapa & sister Tina (photo 20 years ago)

If he’s still with us, I’m sure he’s my number one fan, commenter, follower and will always count on his re-tweets (RT). How would love to use these mobile phones I have. Sure he would do #OOTDs because he's ma-porma. Sayang but it’s okay I know you’re at peace right now! For more information, you may visit their website at www.danielshood.ph.


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