Buffet Dinner at Acaci Restaurant, Acacia Hotel

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon when a friend invited us for a dinner at Acaci restaurant, a newest buffet dining spot in the South of the Metro. 

 Acacia Hotel Front View
Acacia Hotel Manila at Night
Acaci:Acacia Hotel Lobby
Acacia Hotel Lobby
The hotel boasts colonial-style with distinct façade, elegant prints, the zebra-like carpet at the hotel lobby. The two storey-floor to ceiling glass walls covering half of Acacia Hotel Manila giving passerby’s a glimpse of the inside.

Seats-For-Two at Acacia Hotel
Seats-For-Two at Acacia Hotel 
Just before the dinner, we comfortably seated in this lovely printed high-back rest chair. 

Acaci at Acacia Hotel

Located just above the lobby is ACACI, the buffet restaurant of Acacia Hotel.  It offers wide variety of scrumptious dishes, both local and international cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Acaci: Buffet Dining at Acacia Hotel (1)

Acaci: Buffet Dining at Acacia Hotel (2)Acaci: Buffet Dining at Acacia Hotel (3)

I guess Acaci’s carving station is the restaurant’s main feature with its flavorful lamb, tender prime rib and this huge fish served with different sauces for your liking.

Acaci’s carving station
Carving station
Acaci’s carving station (2)
Carving station

It felt like breakfast with so many bread and spreads. There’s seven kinds of freshly baked assorted bread with butter, sun-dried tomato tapenade, basil pesto and black olive tapenade to try.

Acaci’s Bread Station

Different kinds of cheeses including Davao's goat cheese with fresh red and green grapes, brie, blue, Emmental, cheddar.

Acaci’s Assorted Cheese Station

Acaci’s Bread Station

Cold cuts, pates and terrines for appetizer.

The Appetizers Section: Spring RollsThe Appetizers Section

At the Crustacean section, you'll be treated with prawns, mussel, clams and red crab. There’s dip and sauce, cocktail sauce, lemon wedges, red wine vinegar, herbs citrus vinaigrette, garlic aioli and Tabasco to add more flavor.

Acaci Buffet: Crustacean Selection

Acaci: Salad Selection

You will enjoy both Filipino and other Asian cuisine at Acaci Restaurant. I was delighted to see pork sisig, (a spicy Filipino pork dish) in the buffet table. There’s Seared Cod Fish Fillet with Tomato Confit, Fennel and Capsicum Sauce Cajun Spiced Chicken with Pumpkin and Asparagus Tips, Braised Bean Curd with Assorted Mushrooms and Fried Rice with Ham and Vegetables.

Acaci Restaurant: Filipino & Asian Section

It was raining heavily when we arrived so a bowl of sinigang soup comforted us from the cold weather. Here at Acaci, you can choose your sinigang from fish fillet, pork ribs, prawns and salmon belly. By the way, don’t forget to check out the Shawarma and Tacos Salad Station.

Acaci Restaurant: Shawarwa StationAcaci Restaurant: Dessert Station

The Dessert Station, fresh fruit selection to chocolate fondue fountain.

Acaci Restaurant: Dessert Station Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Acaci Restaurant: Dessert Station Moist Chocolate

Acaci Restaurant: Dessert Station (4)

Acaci Restaurant: Dessert Station Cheesecake

Acaci Restaurant: Assorted Fruit Platter

Acaci’s soft Crepe topped with blueberry and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was my favorite that evening.

Acaci's Crepe with Blueberry

Acacia Hotel: Acaci's Dessert

ACACIAcacia Hotel Manila5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Ave. Alabang, Muntinlupa Citywww.acaciahotelsmanila.com

Acaci restaurant offers a sumptuous buffet for only P995 nett (US $22) per person for breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive of one round of Iced Tea or Pandan Juice which started last July 11, 2012 . A journey of gastronomic delight from local to international dishes and just before we leave, we were lucky to meet Executive Chef Raffy Hubilla. He has been in the hospitality food scene for 22 years and now leads Acaci restaurant.

Under the Diorama Acacia TreeAcacia Hotel: Under the Acacia TreeWith Aileen, Annesy & JonelAcacia Hotel Lobby

Of course, we had our photo taken at this spot - a nice and the eye-catching diorama of the Acacia tree.


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