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Launched in 2009, Cignal broadcasts to households and commercial venues nationwide using DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) technology. Cignal promises widest coverage TV signals and providing better viewing experience.

Digital vs. Analog Broadcast

Digital Broadcast gives us a clearer images, allowing to maximize the features of our TV set, particularly if we're using an LCD or LED. Cignal Digital TV broadcast is for all types and sizes of televisions. Our TV viewing experience is further enhanced on an LCD or LED set as these are already digital, more compatible with Cignal's digital broadcast.

Cignal Digital TV Broadcast is available nationwide and even at remote areas and provinces. As of April 2012, they have 66 digital channels including 15 HD channels.

Cignal offers both postpaid and prepaid plans, ranges from P250-P1590 a month.


  • Plan 590 - 44 digital channels with 40 SD and 4 HD
  • Plan 990 - 53 digital channels  with 45 SD and 8 HD
  • Plan 1290 - 60 digital channels  with 48 SD, 12 HD
  • Plan 1590 - 64 digital channels  with 49 SD, 15 HD

SD is the broadcast standard used in the Philippines and commonly used by TVs with a “traditional” TV set or CRT (cathode ray tube). HD is the highest display format for images and video, having more pixels than SD at 1080i (interlaced) display resolution.


  • Pack 250 - 14 digital channels
  • Pack 390 - 24 digital channels
  • Pack 590 - 44 digital channels

Cignal offers postpaid plan

26 ChannelsCignal postpaidMore Channels

To know more about Cignal Digital Broadcast, you may call (02) 244 6251 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-244 6251 (outside Metro Manila) or visit their website at


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