I Found My Dining Table at The Great Northern Sale!


We arrived at SM North EDSA as early as 10:15am to catch the 10% additional discount for being an SM Advantage Card Member. Jonel and I decided to separate our ways since I’ll be buying shoes and I’ll be spending few hours from fitting to choosing the design.

Posing at the Great Northern Sale Shopping Bags located at The Block, SM North Posing at the Great Northern Sale Shopping Bags located at The Block, SM North

He went straight at the Home World section locate at the ground floor looking for the storage boxes while I was at the 2nd floor for the ladies shoes department.


Honestly, just looking at many designs and the huge discount, I do not know where to start. I like to get a pair of stiletto's but I was reminded of what I “need” than what I“wanted”.


Before I turn into a real shopaholic I tried to control myself and stick to my original plan - to buy a pair of flat shoes!


Did you know that my shopping basket has 5 pairs of shoes, three flats, a pair of sexy sandals and one with three inches heels. What made it more tempting is that all have available sizes for me. :)

Janeo Sandals Sale at P199 Original Price P599

Just before 12noon I had my new pair of shoes. Boyfriend already texted me instructing me to go down at the Home World section where he started to line up at the payment counter. We knew that there will be huge crowd so we planned to go alternate shopping, one will do the shopping while the other one stays at the long line.


As expected there’s a huge crowd but it didn’t stop me to check every section of the Home World, it’s one of my favorite place to visit every time I go at SM department store.


If I only have a huge space at home, I will surely buy a lot of stuff and stock them for future use. Having said that, I just bought a few items. I got some food keeper (3pcs for Php85). Then, I saw black plastic storage boxes at P100 each boyfriend had three plus two for me, so we had total of five. Jonel bought another two big plastic storage boxes 95L at P495.


Just when I thought I’m done, suddenly I saw a beautiful dining table with white glass on top and metal frame. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo of the dining table, we were rushing to catch up additional 10% using our SM Advantage Card and it was boyfriend’s turn at the cashier. Aside from that I kept asking the sales person to check if there’s stock for me. 

Shopping at the Great Northern SaleShopping at the Great Northern Sale

That moment we kept on contacting each other to update him of the dining table. Unfortunately, it was sold earlier. That moment, I felt like a child I was sad and half-hearted. To cheer me up, he promised me that we will go back after the Great Northern Sale to buy it even without discount.


I got this Gourmet Card too which entitles the owner for great treat and savings. Of course our SM Advantage Card gives additional 10% during the first two hours. We were able to use it since we came as early as 10:15.

SM Gourmet CardSM Gourmet Card

We had a total of P2,2++ shopping bill that day. It was fun and exciting day! It also served as our bonding moment since we seldom go together and shop. I prefer going at the grocery or department store alone since it’s one of my favorite past time – shopping!

I went home with three bags full of happiness with the hope that I’ll soon have the dining table I’ve been wanting! I’m pretty sure SM will release more lovely and elegant designs in the future!


SM North EDSA, Quezon City


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