Armscor Media Appreciation Day


Five months ago I attended ARMSCOR Triple Celebration “50-60-70” held at Manila Polo Club.

Armscor Media Appreciation Day

Seventy years signifies how long the company has been Filipino-owned, specifically by the Tuason family.

Demetrio “Bolo” R. TuasonArmscor Marikina

Sixty years indicates the length of time they have been manufacturing.

ARMSCOR: 9MM Caracal

Fifty years represents the duration of Demetrio “Bolo” R. Tuason’s leadership of the company.


Today, ARMSCOR distributes firearms and ammunition in more than sixty countries worldwide and remains ISO 9001 certified.

To celebrate 60 years of manufacturing and to share the experience of responsible gun ownership and sportsmanship, ARMSCOR had this “Media Appreciation Day” held at ARMSCOR Marikina facility. They invited print and online media including bloggers for a hands-on experience of ARMSCOR products such as the 1911A2-.22 TCM and 9MM Caracal also known as the “Ring of Fire”.



Eric Grauffel, is known for having an unprecedented winning streak. The 30-year-old native of France has won 190 President Medals and is five times World Champion of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) -




We had the opportunity to see how guns and ammunitions were made, we were not allowed to take photos inside the manufacturing for security purposes though.

The most exciting part is the product test and on-hand gun shooting, of course with the supervision of trained personnel from ARMSCOR.

Check out my photos:

We learned the proper way of holding a gun. Never point a gun at anything or anyone you’re not willing to shoot!

Yvone trying the  9MM Caracal

Protect your ears and eyes with safety gear. Now, pick-up your gun and keep off your finger inside the trigger guard.

Yvone trying the  9MM Caracal

Never to place your index finger on the trigger unless you’re ready to fire. Hold your weapon firmly but with arms relaxed, stand properly. Maintain your focus and insert your finger on the trigger guard. Aim and Fire!

Yvone trying the  9MM Caracal

I’m not familiar with ammunitions and firearms, it never came to my mind to own one until this day.

1911A2-.22 TCM

Semi-auto & recoil operated action; Std. front sight mounted on dovetail cut; Adjustable snag-free style rear sight; 1.81-2.72 kg. trigger pull; Std safety; Combat hammer; High sweep beavertail grip safety; 3.17 kgs. Recoil spring and 7.71 kgs. Mainspring; Flat top serrated slide; Parkerized finish; Polymer grip stock; Pistol case; One magazines.

ARMSCOR: 9MM Caracal


For more information, you may visit ARMSCOR’s website at

ARMSCOR of the Philippines

Armscor Avenue, Brgy. Fortune, Marikina City, Philippines

Plant: (632) 941-6243


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