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We were a day earlier for our routine weekend break over a cup of coffee/smoothie/healthy beverages at SM Megamall which we usually do every Sunday before attending our Sunday service. It was okay, since the mall is also having their three-day Mega Food Sale.

 Akiba CafeSM Megamall Food Sale

Jonel and I arrived about thirty minutes before twelve , just in time for lunch. We grab a flyer of the mall’s ongoing food sale, scanned through the list of participating restaurants and agreed to have an eat-all-you-can Mami and Siopao at Masuki (watch out for a separate blog post).

Here’s a photo of what we had for lunch! Burp!


It was a hearty lunch, experiencing all-time favorite Mami and Siopao which started in 1930’s in Manila. I thought I was in China Town then reminisced with our recent Singapore trip where I enjoyed hawker foods including noodles and dim sum.

Few hours more and we’re ready for a cup of coffee and dessert! Wanted something new, we went to Akiba Café. It’s a small coffee shop located at the 2nd floor Building A, near Chowking.

NomNom at Akiba Cafe

The store can accommodate about 15 persons for dine-in.


I immediately look at the menu and started with Nutty Macadamia Kohi from the set of Flavored Hot Kohi.

Akiba Cafe: Nutty Macadamia Kohi

The Nutty Macadamia Kohi has the fullness of coffee’s flavor which taste good. The sesame seeds and cream adds more flavor, creaminess and sweetness. I love chewing the sesame seeds, too! Smile 

Akiba Cafe's Nutty Macadamia Kohi

Then, the Green Tea Cheesecake came next. A thick  matcha cheesecake on top of graham crust.


Akiba Cafe: Green Tea Cheesecake

Not so long, few minutes more her (Green Tea Cheesecake) partner came..

Akiba Cafe: Green Tea Cheesecake

The next beverage came in a sexy glass. The Matcha Trifle Tea with delicious thick white cream on top.

Matcha Trifle Tea & Green Tea Cheesecake

I seldom like green tea milk teas, surprisingly I instantly fell in love with this beverage.  Aside from Matcha Trifle Tea you can try their Jasmine, Chai Trifle Tea and Signature Trifle Kohi.

Akiba Cafe: Green Tea Matcha Trifle Tea

Matcha Trifle Tea (P90/P100)

Its delicious thick cream sprinkled with green tea powder makes it more enjoyable to drink, you’ll understand what I mean on the next photo.

Matcha Trifle Tea LivingMarjorney at Akiba CafeNomNom at Akiba Cafe

This was actually the _nth shot because we can’t help but laugh at each others’ frothy mustache! 

Wow! I said as the barista as he served me Original Yogurt Chiru and its partner, Yogurt Soft Cake!

Akiba Cafe Megamall: The Original Yogurt Chiru & Soft Cake

The Original Yogurt Chiru is a light and refreshing drink.

Akiba Cafe Megamall: The Original Yogurt Chiru Akiba Cafe Megamall: The Original Yogurt Chiru

Guess where they added the yogurt?

Akiba Cafe Megamall

I asked the barista why this cake has too much cream and he said that the healthy yogurt is in the cream itself that’s why it’s called Yogurt Soft Cake.

Akiba Cafe Megamall: Yogurt Soft Cake

I like the Yogurt Soft cake more than the Green Tea Cheesecake, it’s not too sweet even with the thick cream in between thin chiffon cake. 

However the Matcha Trifle Tea surprisingly became my favorite beverage from all that we tasted.

Akiba Cafe Megamall: Green Tea Cheesecake and Yogurt Soft CakeCream Puff Cake Akiba CafeCreamy BanoffeeKawaikan Puppy CakeAkiba Tiramisu

Have you tried Akiba Café? Today is the best time to visit their store with SM Megamall’s Food Sale from August 17-19, 2012.

Akiba Café offers “buy one get 50% discount on your next order of Trifle Drinks.”

Akiba CafeAkiba Cafe Megamall




2nd Floor Building A, SM Megamall


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