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First, let me tell you that I am by no means an expert on Korean cuisine. However, my first-hand experience with its flavor, texture and presentation made me excited to share  the great flavors of Korea here at Bulgogi Brothers.

Bulgogi Brothers MOA

Bulgogi Brothers MOA (2)16-GEDC397118-GEDC3973

Immediately after being ushered to our table, a complementary tea of the day was served – Barley Tea! Oh I love tea and so I let my palate savor its flavor. A plate with steamed corn, quail eggs and sweet potatoes came next.

05-GEDC3958Kyul Myung ja cha (Cassia Seed Tea)

Not too long, a variety of side dishes was served in small plates (ban chan) such as  pickled eggplant, kangkong, kimchi and fresh salad with kimchi sauce.

BulgogiBrothersAppetizers ban chan

In our family, it’s my Aunt Grace who loves Korean food and almost anything spicy, I guess it started during her stay in countries like Taiwan and Korea. She’s an expert making kimchi too and loves to add spicy paste/sauce on her noodles!

Kangkongpickled eggplant (2)kimchi at Bulgogi BrothersBulgogiBrothersDubuSteak(2)

I was enjoying the sweet potatoes when the waiter arrived with another set of appetizer called Dubu Steak which consists of 6 pcs crispy, crunchy tofu glazed with teriyaki sauce topped with beef teriyaki and bean sprout. Crispy outside and soft inside.

Haemul Gungjung Mandu (2)

Another authentic Korean dish is the fried pork dumplings with seafood on top (mussels, squid and shrimp) served with spicy sauce is called Haemul Gungjung Mandu (P450 for 6 pcs). I love the sauce on the side, not too spicy!

BarleyTeaKiwi Ade (P140)Misutgaru (P150)

They say Koreans often have variety of beverages. I guess Bulgogi Brothers proves it with their wide range of beverages, from fruit shakes to authentic Korean drinks and wine.  I got to try one of their best seller, it’s called Misutgaru (P150) which means “roasted rice powder”. Just take note that it’s a little thick and powdery so I did add more water to lessen its thickness and frequently stir it using the straw.

As of this writing, I just had Grape shake.

Grape shake04-GEDC3957Hanbang Suyuk (1)

Hanbang Suyuk thinly sliced boiled pork slices served with kimchi, roasted garlic and chives. Who wouldn’t like it? It’s one of my favorite! I suddenly remember movies and Koreanovelas I’ve watched - wives  place the pork, garlic and other ingredients, wrap it with lettuce and served it to their husbands. I think it’s part of their culture!

Heamul Pajeon (3)

Heamul Pajeon (P450) is a Korean style pancake with seafood and green onions.

Galbi Tang (P420) 3

Galbi Tang is their latest offering. It’s a clear soup made of beef short ribs, onions and other ingredients.

Kimchi Jigae (2)

Kimchi Jigae is a Korean stew with ingredients such as kimchi, tofu, pork and onions.

Yuk Gae Jang (P380)1

Yuk Gae Jang also another favorite. I was expecting it to be hot but thank goodness, it’s mild, not too spicy! It has a lot of ingredients that makes it more flavorful. I highly recommend if you’re not into spicy food. 

Bulgogi Brothers Special (P1,495)Presenting the star of the night cooked in a hot plate in the middle of our table. Please take note that an order can be shared by 3 or 4 persons, depending on the appetite! The Bulgogi Brothers Special is a combination of Unyang and Gwangyang Style Bulgogi.

The Unyang bulgogi in heart-shape is said to be popular in Korean couples.

Bulgogi Brothers Special Photo 4 (P1,495)

Gwangyang bulgogi are thin slices of meat. Both are cooked in a grilling plate using an induction stove located in the middle or end of the table.  I like its delicious, sweet, savory and soft slices of meat!

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi Photo2Gwangyang Style Bulgogi Photo5

The heart-shape (Unyang) is perfect for a romantic date isn’t it?

For dessert, we had some Korean ice cream. Since it was my first time to try it, I asked the group what they can recommend, and they choose Melona! It’s sooo creamy and delicious! 


The next day boyfriend and I were in Rustan’s supermarket for more Korean ice cream unfortunately they run out of stock.

Korean Ice Cream 2Korean Ice Cream 3

The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere, casual yet elegant with its contemporary look. However, the LCD TV playing K-Pop MTVs makes it modern and hip.

Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean Franchise now with three branches in the Metro - Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center(ATC) and the restaurant I featured today, SM Mall of Asia. It is managed by the Bistro Group and Creative Restaurant Concepts Inc, the same company that operates Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks and The Stock Market just to name a  few.

Visit them and enjoy great Korean dishes!


Bulgogi Brothers Philippines Facebook Page 

  • Alabang Town Center, Lower Ground Level, Alabang-Zapote Rd, Muntinlupa
  • Greenbelt 5, Level 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
  • SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level Entertainment Mall


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