Organic Food at Costales Nature Farm And Our Short Trip To Majayjay Falls

Nestled in the foothill of Mount Banahaw, Costales Nature Farm at Barangay Gagalot is surrounded by clean air, rich and fertile soil. However, with the farm’s practices that promotes sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyle and environmental biodiversity it become certified Organic by NICERT and is the first Agritourism destination in the Philippines accredited by the Dept. of Tourism.

Spearmint Tea at Costales Farm - highly recommended!
I am a tea drinker and consumes several cups in a day. I thought the tea bags I have at home are the best in the market until I tasted their teas made from fresh spearmint and tarragon leaves. To my satisfaction I even bought a pot of spearmint which I hope will grow here in Manila despite of the air pollution and unstable weather condition.

Costales Farm Tour

The farm has several ponds for growing organic tilapia. When in Costales Farm, ask them if you can catch tilapias, it’s a great experience!

On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls

Food will always be part of a memorable trip. I can say that Costales farm fed us very well! They served us green salad, vegetable dishes, afritada, pancit and french beans which is best for those who have rheumatism with it’s anti-rheumatism properties. 

Duck Afritada dish was sooo delicious, tender and no rancid smell! The green salad are naturally sweet, fresh and crunchy. They also make their own salad dressing which they sell for only P150.

Pakbet at Costales Nature FarmDuck Afritada at Costales Nature FarmOn Organic Food & Majayjay Falls Salad at Costales Nature FarmFrench Beans at Costales Nature Farm Pancit at Costales Nature Farm

An ice-cold orange juice with orange pulp was served during lunch. It was freshly picked according to one of the caretakers. While listening to Mr. Costales’ lecture, they served us cucumber juice. At first, I was afraid of the taste but I would regret not trying it. It’s actually one of the best beverages I ever had! A light and refreshing drink without sugar!

Pulpy Orange Juice On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls Cucumber Juice | On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls


They also make their own Lambanog, a Filipino alcoholic beverage. I tried it just to be familiar with the taste. For snacks or “pulutan”, we had camote fries, fresh vegetable sticks with mayo dip, nuts, Arugula (which Melody and I enjoyed munching!) and crispy upland japanese kangkong.

On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls 6Lambanog| On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls Arugula at Costales FarmCrispy Kangkong at Costales Farm 148-DSC00250

At 6am, the group was ready for some adventure. A 15 minute ride from Costales farm plus a 10 minute walk will bring you to Majayjay falls also known as Taytay falls. A few meters away from the parking space starts the trek.

enroute Majayjay Falls
enroute Majayjay Falls
While walking you will enjoy the natural beauty of the forest, the water flowing from the falls along the waterways. You’ll love the cool misty breeze and clean air.

On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls 10
On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls 11On Organic Food & Majayjay Falls 12Majayjay FallsMajayjay Falls catch basin

Majayjay Falls

Just a few reminders when going to Taytay falls, there are no resorts in the area. We noticed about two ruined facility along the way, but there’s  a clean toilet  near the old/ruined comfort rooms. There’s no electricity, mobile and internet network signals are weak. I suggest you bring a bottle of water and light snack because sari-sari stores are located near the parking space. 

Taytay Falls

OA Bloggers at Taytay Falls

With bloggers Melody, Ruth, JR and Ferds

OA Bloggers at Taytay Falls

On our way home Manila, we passed by this old establishment “snax inn” and craved for Java Chip Frappuccino, lol.

Thanks to Costales Farm for the wonderful experience!

Costales Farm offers day tour for family and team building. For more information, you may visit the farm at Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna with Telephone no.  0917-539-3080 or visit their website 


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