San Mig Coffee: Strong, Brown, White & Chococino


San Mig Coffee

What wakes you up in the morning? – the sunshine from your window pane, maybe a good morning kiss or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee ? 

I grew up in a family who loves to drink coffee. No wonder I became one of them! I tried different brands believing each product offers a different kind of coffee experience. For me, no other hot drink would be better that a cup of rich and strong coffee every morning. 

San Miguel Super Coffeemix Co. launched four variants of San Mig Coffee Super Pack held at Sulo Riviera Hotel and hosted by Ms. Gelli Victor. Not too long, the lovely host introduced San Mig Coffee’s Ambassador, Ms. Anne Curtis.

Miss Gelli VictorAnne Curtis for San Mig Coffee

Anne revealed her favorite variants. She wakes up with the smell of her favorite  San Mig Super Strong Coffeemix each morning while the Chococino is her choice in the evening or late afternoon.

Anne Curtis for San Mig Coffee

“I am a regular coffee drinker and drinking coffee helps me a lot during a very busy day,” says Anne

San Mig Coffee Super Packs, its newest line of coffee mixes targeted at super busy individuals just like the brand Ambassador, Anne Cutis.

San Mig Coffee Super Packs contain energy-releasing B vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6 that give unmatched and sustained stimulation for coffee drinkers.

Available in four delicious variants:

San Mig Coffee Super in 20g sachets

San Mig Coffee Super in 20g sachets - a strong coffee mix that gives a bold and full-bodied taste.

San Mig Coffee Brown in 25g sachets

San Mig Coffee Brown in 25g sachets, which offers a rich coffee taste with the distinct sweetness of brown sugar.


San Mig Coffee White in 28g sachets, which has a creamy and smooth taste.

San Mig Coffee Chococino in 25g sachets

San Mig Coffee Chococino in 25g sachets, sweet and with a balanced blend of coffee and cocoa.

San Mig ChococinoAs of this writing, I’m enjoying a hot cup of San Mig Chococino, with the richness of chocolate and coffee in one! But my personal favorite is the San Mig Coffee White, creamy and sweetness is just perfect! I don’t have to add more sugar and cream. Also, I can make two cups from the 28 gram sachet still with the right amount of sweetness and the rich flavor of coffee I always wanted.

How about you? What San Mig Coffee Super Pack would you like to try?


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