Figaro Enterprise Makati Opens!


If you frequent the Enterprise building, then you have probably been at the newly opened Figaro coffee shop.

Figaro Enterprise Makati

Figaro continues to expand with several kiosks and full stores opening, two stores were recently opened located at Market! Market! Mall and at the Enterprise building in Makati Central Business district which opened on October 10.

I was present during the grand launch upon the invitation of Figaro. The event started with the traditional store blessing, coin tossing and cutting of ribbon.

To celebrate the store opening, guests were given a “play money” that they can use to purchase their food.

Makati City: Figaro Enterprise

We noticed a change in Figaro’s interior and design. According to the franchisee, the Enterprise branch was the first store to have the upgrade in Figaro’s store interior, lighting and design.

Figaro Enterprise Makati interiorFigaro Enterprise Makati store blessing

They have long tables which I also noticed from other coffee shops recently. Their lighting was more bright compared to the usual dim setup.

Figaro Enterprise Makati interior

They have cushion pillows which me and my boyfriend, Jonel enjoyed using while working on our laptops.

Makati City: Figaro Enterprise

I was surprised to see several competing coffee shops surrounding the new Figaro Enterprise. There’s Starbucks in front, Coffee Republic at the back, Mini Stop convenient store who also sells coffee and other food items located at the other side and Oliver’s Sandwich across. When we asked the young Figaro franchisee, he casually replied and said that they are all friends. What a nice response to hear it from the young entrepreneur.

With Figaro meals available all day, there’s more reason why customers would choose them. Few weeks ago, Figaro also launched their lunch meals, you may check out my blog post on Figaro lunch meals here.

Makati City: Figaro Enterprise

Congratulations to the owners of Figaro Enterprise!


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