Figaro Market! Market! Opens


A steaming cup of coffee! How can I resist its aroma and flavor that wakes up all my senses and perks me up during the day.

Figaro Market! Market! Opens

Recently, another Figaro store was opened to the public. It’s located at the 4th floor of Market! Market! mall near Metro Department Store, Food Choices and Telecom Center. It’s an open-area store so you would easily find it.

Figaro Market! Market! Opens

I’m fortunate to be invited and witness the launch of another Figaro branch. Just like any other Figaro branches, it offers warm and friendly atmosphere. It has an open area though, but definitely smoking is not allowed because it’s located inside the mall. 

Figaro Market! Market! Opens

The launch started with the traditional ceremony from store blessing, ribbon cutting and coin tossing.

Figaro Market! Market! Opens

Of course, celebration wouldn’t be complete without food! I had Figaro frost that woke up my senses.

Figaro Frost

a flavorful, thin crust Figaro Mexicali pizza was shared to a fellow blogger.

Figaro: Mexicali pizza

Figaro Club sandwiches has been my favorite from their wide range of gourmet sandwiches.  Packed with generous filling of ham, veggie, cheese, special dressing and a little of mustard sauce served warm with chips on the side. Have you tried it?

Figaro club sandwiches

Surrounded with different coffee shops around Market! Market! mall, definitely there are reason  customers would like to dine at Figaro. For one, Figaro offers lunch and dinner meals. We all know how Filipinos love the usual meal – with rice and viand. Maybe you like tapa, longganisa, salted egg, ensalada, arroz alcubana for lunch or dinner, inquire about their all-day breakfast meals.

Figaro Market! Market! Team!

Visit and enjoy Figaro’s hot and cold beverages and delightful snacks and meals at the newly opened branch, Market!Market!

Congratulations Figaro! Coffee lovers will surely be delighted on your expansion! Figaro Market!Market!


4th Floor Market! Market! Mall

Taguig City


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