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Do you follow a regular diet regimen, perhaps kept a personal diary on your daily food intake? Have you heard about Nutri Coach?

Centrum Ring Nutri

Last week, I attend the Centrum Nutri Coach launch at the Mind Museum. Although I’ve seen a lot of food diaries, booklets and sample leaflets providing example of an ideal meal the Centrum Nutri Coach provides a different experience using an online tool especially designed for Filipinos.

Different races have different nutritional needs. What I like with the Centrum Nutri Coach is that it tailor-fit to the Filipino lifestyle and diet. 

Centrum Nutri Coach, an innovative on-line tool that allows you to input using a “virtual” plate exactly what you ate from a variety of food choices including Filipino favorites from pork to fish such as grilled pork to desserts and snacks like halo halo. It also takes into consideration other traditional components of health and nutrition like level of physical activity and age.  All this information will then be used to compute for your general state of nutrition and give you tips on how to improve your nutritional habits. 

The Centrum Nutri CoachThe Centrum Nutri Coach

According to research study done by the Food and Nutrition Research Instiute (FNRI) it showed that an alarming 70% of Filipino households don’t get the prescribed amount of most vitamins and minerals they need. The launch of Centrum Nutri Coach will then help us monitor what food we should have on a daily basis. 

How does it work?

You can access the Centrum Nutri-Coach through the Centrum Website at Simply put your age, height, level of physical activity into the Nutri Coach website followed by what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, don’t forget the merienda. The data you provided will be needed to calculate the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need. Even pregnant women can use the Centrum Nutri Coach.


What it will do?

  • automatically compute the nutrients you are getting from your food choices
  • show you your gap versus the recommended daily intake
  • propose a sample meal plan for you to follow so you can get enough of the vitamins and minerals you lack with your current diet

Users have the option to choose pre-set meals that fit their usual food intake if they don’t want to use the customize option where they can choose the actual food items that they usually eat. Various types of eating habits were captured in the Pre-set meals such as  High Fiber, High Calorie, Low Calorie, High Carbohydrate, Low Protein, Low Carbohydrate or High Protein.  

Centrum for adults below 50 years old & Centrum Silver for 50 years old and above.

Centrum for adults below 50 years old Centrum Silver for 50 years old and above.

Best of all, we can access the Centrum Nutri Coach via a mobile device/smart phone. However the current configuration is formatted for a standard web browser.  Also, the Centrum Nutri Coach is only available online. It’s easy to use and available anytime of the day, whenever you are.


Centrum a multivitamin-mineral brand produce and manufactured by Pfizer.

It’s formulated and balanced with  30  vitamins and minerals complete with Vitamins A to Zinc to help fill in the nutritional gaps on those days when one eats too little, thus helping an individual reach his recommended intake of certain nutrients that are difficult to get from food alone.

By the way, here’s what we ate during the press conference prepared by Centrum and Cibo. Our lunch has source of Vitamins, antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein, B-vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acid.

Salad: Insalata “ La Delizia” cress with pomelo, grapes, parmigiano reggiano frico pomery mustard vinaigrette

Soup: Filipino Bouillabaisse: Bulacan river prawn, lapu lapu fillet, capiz scallops, kasubha rouille.

Salad: Insalata “ La Delizia”Soup: Filipino Bouillabaisse

Main Course: Chicken Kiev : breaded chicken fillet, garlic-parsley butter and steamed rice

Dessert: Peach Trifle : peaches, chantilly, cream, walnut crumble

Main Course: Chicken Kiev Dessert: Peach Trifle


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