Figaro Specialty Pasta: Figaro Seafood Pomarola & More!


Figaro Meaty Lasagna

Figaro, (particularly Shangri La branch) has been one of my favorite coffee shops. First, there’s a lot of Figaro shops near my place, Figaro Market! Market! and Figaro Shangri-La Plaza. Second, they serve an all-day breakfast meals,  dinner and lunch meals which other coffee shops don’t. For snacks, there’s a wide variety of baked products to choose from. I also love their biscotti, a perfect pair for a cup of cappuccino. Although they have pasta dishes in their menu, we were delighted with the newest addition that Figaro Coffee launched last Nov 28. You have probably tried one of them.

Three more pasta dishes to perk up your day and to satisfy our taste buds and pasta craving! Truly, a perfect pasta treat for the Christmas season.


Introducing, Meaty LASAGNA (P190)! Tender pasta cooked in creamy cheese sauce, ground beef in a layer of rich parmesan cheese and béchamel sauce served with focaccia bread. (photo above)

Figaro Chicken Parmigiana (P180), penne regate pasta cooked in home made tomato sauce with two cheese and red sauce, topped with crusted Chicken Katsu and served with focaccia bread.

Figaro Chicken Parmigiana (P180)

Last but not the least is the Seafood Pomarola, linguini pasta, an authentic Italian dish that’s so flavorful!  The flavor of seafood, pasta sauce, spices and tomatoes for a mouth-watering pasta dish.

Figaro Seafood Pomarola

From the three, I personally like the Figaro Seafood Pomarola. 

For this season, Figaro also launched additional baked items. Rich and moist Red Velvet Cake, Christmas cupcakes, Triple Chocolate Toffee Bar and Bacon Scone.

Figaro Red Velvet

I’m not really a fan of Red Velvet cake but Chef Mark Infante of Figaro Coffee served it during our meeting few days ago. It was then that Jonel and I started to appreciate red velvet cake.


Anyway, I still go for and recommend Figaro Christmas cupcakes. It’s also moist but has a bitter sweet flavor, dense, rich and more chocolaty.

Figaro Christmas Cupcakes

The savory Bacon Scone goes well with a cup of coffee or any hot drinks though.


Figaro Artisan Mug

Christmas won’t be complete without a gift. Also available are Figaro Artisan Mug and Frosted tumblers.

Figaro Frosted Tumbler

For more information, visit the nearest Figaro coffee branch near you. Facebook Page,


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