Knorr Sinigang Sa Sampaloc Mix: Classic, Filipino Dish Sinigang this Holiday Season


Knorr Sinigang Sa Sampaloc Mix

How do you prepare the Holiday season? There are many ways to do it, with enough time we can clean the house and put up our Christmas tree, bring out those Christmas inspired dinner wares and tablecloth. How about the food for the Noche Buena?

7Actor-chef Marvin Agustin likes to keep things memorable during the Yuletide season. First, he takes time off from his hectic schedule and shies away from the camera to be with his family and loved ones. Marvin sees to it that the people he cares for get his undivided attention during the most wonderful time of the year even with a lot of TV shows and restaurants he owns. 

“It’s been a tradition in our family to get-together for the holidays,” Marvin shares. “We all look forward to our family reunion on Christmas day.”

Marvin further says that excitement is in the air during their annual holiday feast. And amidst the animated conversations and endless laughter, food remains the centerpiece of the occasion and becomes an extension of how they share their blessings with each other.

Arroz valenciana, lumpia, chicken galantina and lechon are just some of Marvin and his family all-time favorite Christmas dish. But being a creative chef and restaurateur that he is, Marvin makes sure that he goes the extra mile to offer something different yet definitely familiar to the Filipino palate. With leftover lechon as the main ingredient he can make a delicious Filipino classic sinigang.


We and even Chef Marvin observe that sinigang often takes a back seat during the holiday merriment when it can be a staple in an all-Pinoy Christmas feast. A steaming serving of the tamarind-base soup is more than enough to warm the heart and tummy especially during the cool evenings. And to make the preparation easy, Knorr Sinigang is on hand to bring out the rich sinigang flavor in a convenient way. Just the way I make my own pork sinigang, fiancé's favorite dish!

Made from real sampalok and available in convenient sachet packs; best mixed with pork or seafood together with gabi and other vegetables. There is no need to go through the hassles of preparing real tamarind to bring out the goodness of sinigang. Thanks to  Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix! Easy Sinigang dish for the whole family!

“Everyone loves sinigang. We all grew up with it, and with a little creativity and a little help from Knorr Sinigang, you can have a winning dish for the holiday season,” Marvin concludes.

See how Knorr surprised our OFWs this Christmas season ! (Read my blog and don’t forget to watch this video!)


Airport with Chef Marvin Agustin & Knorr


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