Aguinaldo Shrine: Cradle of the Philippine Independence


Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

2013 started with a tour at the historical Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite, Philippines. The structure, design and the story behind every walls of the mansion  did not change over the years, my 3rd visit was more meaningful though.

The road trip was short, about an hour going to Kawit Cavite via CAVITEX. In anticipation of the 50th Death Anniversary of General Emilio Aguinaldo, Tourism Movers of Kawit Cavite prepared a special Lights and Sounds Show for the public. 

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

The mansion turned museum is seen as a typical Spanish era design. Made of thatch roofing, wooden floor and window panes made of capiz.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

The attic or tower of the Aguinaldo Shrine.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

Our first Philippine President, General Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898 from the Spanish rule at the historical Independence balcony facing the park and monument.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

This is the living room window where President Aguinaldo first raised and waived our Philippine flag and the Philippine Independence was proclaimed.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s monument in front of the shrine engraved is the Act of Proclamation of Independence.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

Not too far, fianc√© and I decided to have some freshly cooked fish balls, one of the famous street foods. 

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

The house was built in 1845 and have had reconstruction. 

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

His resting place, Aguinaldo’s tomb is located at the back of the house.


Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

A 7-passenger limousine, 1924 Packard. President Aguinaldo’s personal car.

The ground floor was turned into a museum. There were dioramas, Gen. Aguinaldo’s personal items and memorabilia. Sword and other weapons are also displayed.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine 33-DSC03895Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

Canon, (replica) used during the Battle of Binakayan in Kawit, Cavite. Next is Gen. Aguinaldo’s uniform and camping case with utensils inside.

The book “Memoirs of the Revolution”…

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

The last photo (right most) is their huge build in medicine cabinet.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

Above photo is one of his children’s bedroom.


Then the President master’s bedroom and huge bathroom.


It was getting late when we had the tour inside Aguinaldo’s bedroom. I don’t know but there’s something weird inside the room yet I bravely took a blind shot of his comfort room, check the photo above.


A walkthrough the 163-year-old historical place for the Philippine Independence made it more significant. Indeed, going back to this place allows us to appreciate the structure, the architectural design and the people who lived in this house. Every corner of the mansion tells us the story of the past.


Above photo is one of my favorite shots. Staring at the window pane, I felt like I’m in the year 1800.. With capiz window pane which are no longer seen in many house structures nowadays. 

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

According to his great grandson, Paul, most furniture were designed by Gen. Aguinaldo himself. He has a lot of dining tables and cabinets.


A notable designs featuring the Philippine map are found on the ceiling evident on Gen. Aguinaldo’s passion over the Philippine Map, Philippine National Anthem and the Philippine Flag.    


We were lucky that they allowed us to see even the 2nd up to the tower of the mansion. There are more rooms, escape route and narrow stairs. 

68-DSC0395275-DSC03967Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

The Aguinaldo Shrine is maintained by the National Historical Institute of the Philippines.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

At the ceiling of the Independence Balcony.

Overlooking from the balcony, the park and Aguinaldo Monument.

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine

In the evening, we witnessed the grand light and sound show which lasts about 55 minutes. 

Historical Aguinaldo Shrine


Revisiting the shrine and sharing my experience is an honor and opportunity to pay tribute to the heroism of the people of Cavite particularly to our President Emilio Aguinaldo and his family.

As years passed by, the legacy continues and the shrine stood to continuously remind us of the past…our Philippine Independence.  

How about you, when was the last time you visited the Aguinaldo shrine?

Entrance is Free. Open everyday except Mondays.


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