A Valentine Treat from Dunkin’ Donuts


Triangle boxesThere are several stores offering mouth watering donuts and muffins but I cannot deny how I fell in love with these round, sweet, soft donuts I grew up with. It has been in the Philippines for over 31 years. I still remember the gesture every time my father brought us not one but two dozens of these yummy donuts every payday.

MuffinsSeveral years later, new brands came along. In fact I have three favorite donut brands. If you follow this blog, you would know who they are.

I always want my donuts fresh, soft, a little sweet and special. I mean special the way it's presented. Nowadays, donuts have different flavors, toppings, most have fillings. You just have to choose!

Every time I order, I choose different flavors. I also go for special donuts although the regular donuts are cheaper, I guess it's just okay once in a while.

Dunkin Donut

What makes it more special is sharing it with the person close to my heart. Did you know that we share every piece of donut? Each donut is divided into two. For those who do not know us might think boyfriend turn husband would not want to spend extra peso for another piece of donut. We agree to share every food we eat, especially on desserts. 

My Dunkin Donut Meal

Just before the wedding, I attended the launch of Dunkin Donut's brand ambassador. Derek Ramsay kicked off his endorsement with the P199 a dozen promo of Dunkin’ Donuts Classics, which is extended until February 10, 2013. The new face of Dunkin’ Donuts, is a sweet offering to everyone’s taste buds.

Derek Ramsay

This love month, Dunkin Donuts offers specially designed Valentine’s boxes:  Dunkin’ Hearts and Premium Donuts Valentine box. It will run from February 1-15

Triangle boxes

We grew up with the Classics varieties. But with the opening of different donut brands, Dunkin Donuts with its innovation addressed by the Premium Donuts line.

So there’s a Dunkin’ Donut variant for every occasion – the Classics, when you want comfortable, nostalgic goodness, and Premium Donuts when you want to just spoil yourself a little.

How about you, what’s your favorite Dunkin Donut flavor?


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