Giving Back with a Heartwarming Gesture!

Many years ago, a young girl wanted to meet Santa Clause who brings Christmas cheers to kids with wonderful gifts and toys on Christmas eve. But she will not ask for tangible things. All that she wanted was a happy and a complete family. Unfortunately, she learned that Santa has no power to change things as it is. The young girl, although sad, stayed strong and grew up witty.

The LADY about 20 yrs ago

Several years later, she became busy at school. She loves to join community outreach programs. She was in college taking up a medical course through the help of a scholarship program. She knows it’s God’s blessing as someone else was providing for her needs and education.

But life is full of sacrifices and trials. There were times she would pass by expensive restaurants while walking from her school to a friend’s house where she seeks shelter. Moreover, there were instances when nothing but a few pieces of dried fish or a pack of noodles to be shared with her best friend.

Photo Credit by Soul101 :

Photo Credit by Soul101 : a student, eagerness to finish schooling amidst life’s challenges is a necessity.

By the time she was about to graduate, she joined a community immersion where she was exposed to a provincial life in the province of Nueva Vizcaya for about two months.

There, she met a lot of kids from the remote areas and the underprivileged. These children would go to school barefooted and without school supplies. Some doesn’t even have the opportunity to take a bath or change their clothes, to say the lest. Breakfast is also an unfamiliar term, much less school uniforms. Attending and listening to the day’s lessons was already a luxury in itself, an opportunity with hope to improve their future.

Photo taken 2001 at Nueva Vizcaya After realizing an eye-opening situation, the lady, who turned to be the leader of the group, planned a community outreach program. They organized story telling activities, health discussions, and feeding programs.

“It was a great experience,” she said to herself.

Five years later, the lady survived to became  financially stable. She would go to different provinces as part of her work and meeting colleagues.

Again, she saw different children from varied walks of life. I believe children are close to her heart. In fact, she’s been wanting to throw a party for the kids, especially those who are sick.

All the frustration, sadness, and pain came back. But this time, with love and much understanding. She said “ Maybe, we all had to experience trials in life to make us stronger and depend on Jesus.” The lady prayed it would not happen to other kids too. They should live their life to the fullest with their parents and family to guide. They will grow as a good citizen, finish school, and land a good job.

World Vision SponsorshipAnd with all these blessings and opportunities, she promised to give back and help at least one child.

2009 was a turning point in her life, when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The Lord has made miracles in her life including meeting a group who provides assistance and sponsorship to less privileged children and their families.

Unfortunately, the lady lost her job midway through the year while providing monthly support for the child. She continued despite difficulties and was able to donate for one whole year;  albeit with a teardrop. 

Even if she'll be missing the coming months providing help and assistance for the child, the lady has been thinking of ways to reach out. “We don’t have to wait for December to share our blessings,” she thought. Every day is Christmas just the way Jesus provides for our daily needs.

Christmas Card from Marijoy
Last Christmas, the lady wasn’t able to send a Christmas gift for the child. Instead, she thought of sending a package because she wanted Marijoy and her family to feel her presence even if she’s not her sponsor anymore. “Salo-salo kahit malayo” the lady thought further.

The child could be miles away and this lady would definitely miss a lot of occasions – birthdays, graduation and Christmas. When she learned about Max’s new online ordering system, she thought of doing this special gesture for Marijoy.

Max's Restaurant Delivery

Here’s a message she wrote for Max’s restaurant.

“Dear Max's,  will you visit my sponsored child and her family in Cebu and  bring them Real Delivery Deals? I would like them to try your delicious signature fried chicken, pancit canton, with fresh lumpia or chopsuey ”.

I don’t know, but maybe for a less privileged family, visiting a Max’s restaurant would be a luxury. My heart cries as I eat my food and remember those who haven’t tasted your dishes. For sure, they would love to dine in your restaurant. But I thought of something special like sending them the food via online delivery system. Would you do that for me?  Oh by the way, please don't forget to include the caramel bars for the sweet endings, it’s my favorite dessert! Don't worry charge it to me, it's my treat for Marijoy.”

4RealDeliveryMeals"I’ll surprise Marijoy and her loved ones by sending them  Max's Combo Meals by ordering the Max's 4 Real Delivery Deals! It’s applicable anywhere within the Philippines through (order and pay online in real-time) or call (+632) 7-9000 for Max's Delivery anywhere within the Philippines!”

Check out this heartwarming AVP from Max’s Restaurant and find out how how it feels to be there even when you’re  ‘not really there’. Don’t forget to visit their page and share this great news!

I would like to believe in fairy tales, I still want to believe in Santa Claus. But my heart, mind, and soul only listens and follows Him, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ll be happy to know that she would love this surprise! I want her to be happy because I see the lady in the child.  The inspiring story of the lady,  my own story.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28


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