Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!


Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

Are you a regular customer of 7-Eleven? I do and I’m so thankful for 7-Eleven stores. It used to be an after-duty routine to go to the nearest 7-Eleven and grab a midnight snack, that was when I used to work as a Staff Nurse. Now, I would stop for an hour enjoying a hot cup of noodles or hot chocolate with siopao or a warm sandwich. These 24-hour convenient stores are located almost every where in the Metro and has most of our basic needs, from food to a single sachet of shampoo.

7-Eleven Singapore7-Eleven Singapore

I also have to mention one of the most important thing that I can only buy at 7-Eleven store - it’s my P25 Wi-Tribe load that I needed every time husband goes out of town and brings along his Sun WiFi modem. Of course, Wi-Tribe load is also available at the Wi-Tribe service centers.

Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

15 days before the Philippine National Election I visited 7-Eleven Munoz store and noticed three Election Tumblers – yellow for Team PNOY, Orange and White for UNA and White tumbler for Independent Candidates.

Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

The company that operates this well-known convenient store, Philippine Seven Corporation has come up with a promotion that will engage the public in the upcoming national election. How?

Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

To participate and vote, all you have to do is buy Gulp drink with your choice of party and let the cashier scan the bar code of your selected Gulp® cup your vote will be counted. You can choose from Mountain Dew, Mirinda, Gatorade, Lipton Red Tea, Sarsi and Coca-Cola.

On my first purchase, I choose the yellow cup, TeamPNOY with Senate Candidates Cynthia Villar, Bam Aquino, Sonny Angara, Antonio Trillanes IV and eight other candidates. The next day, I had white tumbler representing the Independent Candidates such as Teddy Casino, Ed Hagedorn. On my next Gulp drink I would probably have the orange one, UNA political party with candidates such as TingTing Cojuangco, Dick Gordon and Gringo Honasan. How about you? What 7-Eleven Gulp Tumbler will you choose?

Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

This sales promotion also helps the public by providing them list and names of Senatorial candidates and Political Parties while enjoying a cold drink from 7-Eleven. Let’s admit that not all registered voters knows who are running for election and who to vote for. Also, the candidates’ name and photo can be found at every tumbler.

You can also check the results of the vote online at

Gulp® and Vote to the 2013 Elections!

At the counter, you’ll also see 7-Eleven’s tally of the Top Senatorial Candidate and Political Party.

7-ElevenElectionScreenshot of 7-Election website.

Grab a GULP today and vote for your 12 candidates online. Take note that this is unofficial survey is a sales promotion activity of 7-Eleven Stores’ Gulp® Products.


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