Breathing Space: NELTEX PVC Pipes


Women are usually in charge of the house - decorating it according to season and occasion, choosing the color of the curtains, lighting fixtures and furniture. Husband has the final say though, we still play an important role in the household.

There are areas in the house that we seldom check or monitor primarily because they not often seen - the underground, on walls, roofs, ceilings. However, when broken or damage these are the most expensive areas of the house that need a major repair. Clogged sink in the kitchen and bathroom drainage;  the worst, water that leaks and reaches on walls creating severe damage to electric wirings and outlets are major headaches. Allow me to share what I’ve learned few weeks ago just before my trip t to Kota Kinabalu.


Before, I don’t care about PVC pipes, drainage system, what brand to use until we got our own house. I thought it was difficult to comprehend the function of PVC pipes but with simple explanation about a clogged heart valve that could affect the entire cardiovascular system when untreated, I easily understand what happens when we use wrong fittings, valves, faucets and unbranded products at home. Then, I learned about Neltex.

NELTEX has become one of the widely distributed brand of PVC pipes in more than 6,000 hardware store nationwide for more than 50 years now.  The brand continues to innovate value engineering products. They are the biggest producer of PVC Pipes and Fittings in the country at over 13,000 MT/ year. Moreover, NELTEX is now building its new plant at Dasmarinas, Cavite with a capacity of 30,000MT with the most advance technology in pipe manufacturing.

Check out Neltex Waterline System


NELTEX recently celebrated its anniversary with over 3,000 visitors including brand distributors and their families. It has been an annual event wherein NELTEX prepares live entertainment; the much-awaited Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza where they recently gave 4 brand new cars apart from minor prizes.



We tested the durability of their PVCs through NELTEX Hataw Challenge delivering an impact to the PVC using a hammer. Outside World Trade Center,they showed us how strong their PVCs when passed by a 8-wheeler truck. Amazing!


Hubby doing the hataw challenge.


The unbroken Neltex PVC pipe.



Watch this  video and learn more about Neltex PVC pipes.


Aside from its durability, Neltex offers the widest range of Lead Free Pipe and PVC pipe joints in the country today. From the main line to our faucet, offering full range to suit our needs. Neltex  offers Waterline PVC Pipes, Fittings, Valves and Faucets provide a homogeneous in-house water piping solution. 

Their Waterline is chemically welded using Neltex PVC Pipe Cement providing cost effective in-house water plumbing versus hybrid Brass + PVC systems. Moreover, the NELTEX PVC Pipe Cement, the GOLD Standard for the chemical welding of PVC pipe joints  is the most widely used PVC jointing solution.


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