Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll
Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll
Who is not familiar with the company, Universal Robina Corporation, they popularized Jack 'n Jill and created a line of snack varieties such as  Chippy, Taquitos, Spuds, Potato Chips, V-Cut, Chiz Curls, Mr. Chips, Tostillas, Roller Coaster, Piattos, and Sea Crunch? Not to mention our childhood favorite, Pretzels.  

The company recently launched another premium grade Potato Chips, "Shake and Roll" available in two (2) Japanese flavors - Unagi Kabayaki and Salmon Sushi. 

First introduced in URC China and gained its popularity that even our kababayans brought them here as a pasalubong

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll
Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll
I like the packaging, it's well-sealed. At first glance, you'll know it's a premium brand. Comes in resealable pack to maintain its freshness. The striking red packaging for Unagi Kabayaki while the Salmon Sushi in green "wasabi" color

Aside from its fantastic flavors. The Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll brings more fun and enjoyment in snacking. How? Let's do the shake and roll! The product was presented with a Shake and Roll song matched with cool dance moves that demonstrate how one will enjoy it.  Featuring four signature moves - open, season, seal, and shake and roll! The dance number was performed by brand ambassadors The Crew, who rose to fame after winning the 2012 World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas

Step 1: Just Open

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll

Step 2:  Season

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll

Step 3: Seal

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll

Step 4: Shake and Roll

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll

The The Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll are thinly sliced, golden crisped chip that's lightly seasoned unlike other potato chips that leaves an irritating flavor on your mouth. It comes with a Japanese-inspired seasonings included inside each pack so you have the control the amount of seasoning you want. The potato chips itself has very mild flavor in case you wouldn't like to use the seasoning.

A perfect blend of sweet and smoky flavor comes in a pack of Unagi Kabayaki. The Salmon Sushi variant, on the other hand, presents a complex blend of flavors with just a hint of spicy wasabi.  I personally like the Unagi Kabayaki but the Salmon Sushi has also an interesting flavor, a little spicy that goes well with any cold beverages.

What are you waiting for! Move your hips and do the Shake and Roll! Here's the cool dance move for the "Shake and Roll! Enjoy watching! 

Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll is now available at major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for only P35.   


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