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Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks! After that long line to catch that Buy1 Take1 drink, that donut promo the other day and the heavy rains last night, you must have exerted much effort! Are you still confident and on maximum confidence to Do More? Enough for food and travel post, here’s sharing to you some lifestyle news.

Last June 27th, Rexona recognized two individuals or “Doers”, the people who embody this lifestyle and serve as perfect examples of what it means to do more. They are Bianca Gonzalez and Phil Younghusband.


Rexona challenge everyone to be open to possibilities, look and seek adventure, keep busy, go the extra mile and push limits, simply, to Do More. Because to do more is to squeeze the best out of life, savoring its sweetness to the last drop. Anyway, we see it everyday shared on social networking sites. We see it all around us like a 70-year-old marathon runner, backpackers traveling for months on end, couples skydiving on dates. These individuals never settle for boredom or complacency, rather than wait for things to happen, they make things happen. They do the things they love, the things that matter to them; taking in the best that the world has to offer.


Bianca Gonzalez is the ultimate doer! She’s so busy as a TV and media personality who uses her celebrity position to empower the youth and promote education. A social advocate and proactive citizen, she was named one of 2012’s Young Global Shapers by the World Economic Forum. Today, she continues to inspire the youth to become active citizens, using social media and internet tools at their disposal. On top of all this, she is to headline the Unilever Personal Care Teen Week, appealing to the youth about the importance of inner confidence and the ability to DO MORE.


Phil Younghusband previously played with the prestigious Chelsea FC, the British-Filipino plays for the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club. His face seen in many billboards. Though already one of the top players in the country, he took things a step further by co-founding and coaching for the Younghusband Football Academy. With a level 2 UEFA coaching badge under his belt, Phil hopes to promote and develop young Filipinos’ skill and passion for the sport, ultimately spreading a deeper appreciation for football in the country. He embodies the Rexona philosophy through his efforts of training and supporting aspiring athletes – something the brand also advocates through its own initiatives.


Much like Phil, Rexona lives out its own philosophy by its vow to support the development of world-class Filipino athletes. Rexona has supported the development of sports in the youth such as the Youth Excellence through Sports or Y.E.S. program launched two months ago.

More importantly, however, Rexona invites all individuals to kick-start an active lifestyle by joining the annual Rexona Run On October 20, 2013.

Corazo says, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular runner or a first-timer, it is a perfect opportunity to get out there and challenge yourself by doing something new. With Rexona, you can always feel confident knowing you’re protected throughout the day, no matter what it is you’re doing.”

With maximum confidence to do more, nothing should hold you back from pursuing your ambitions and aspirations. Go ahead do something you never thought you’d be able to do  and surprise yourself!

Borneo Reef World, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Yours Truly! I’m so proud of myself when I overcome my fear… of the water! I don’t know how, but I remember it was last year in Boracay when I did snorkeling. It wasn’t easy, it’s not something I conquer over night. I learned that I don’t have to fight my fear but to face it and see great opportunities behind these fears. (above photo courtesy of my blogger friend, Iris of taken on May 2013 at Borneo Reef World, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Pambato Reef, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa

Snorkeling again at Pambato Reef, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, June 2013 with my supportive husband, Jonel of and our guide, Raffy!

Rexona says “to lead a more physically active, socially connected, and emotionally engaged life is to seize the day”.


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