Samsung Convergence Area at SM Appliance Center


A short trip at SM appliance center has provided me ideas in improving, decorating and designing our house. I spend time talking to merchandisers, inquire about new products, check the product demo and compare prices. It also inspires me to work hard and save more for future purchases.

04-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-003

Samsung and SM Appliance Center unveil the S-Path and the new look of the SM Appliance Center for the very first time in the Philippines. The groundbreaking event happened last July 1, 2013 in the SM Appliance Center Makati.

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As a regular customer of SM Supermalls, I was excited to see the enhanced look of the SM Makati Appliance Center and the unveiling of the S-Path. We were guided through the S-Path in groups where we witness the highlights of it and see the way a mother, father and son interact together in an ideal home.

06-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-005

Demonstrating a Samsung lifestyle through convergent technology, the S-Path is a replica of a home that functions with convenience through convergent appliances and gadgets from Samsung. A walk through the S-Path will give you a glimpse of these appliances and gadgets in a much more engaging, interactive and interesting manner.

As I walked, I imagined possibilities of enhancing our own home. I believe it’s not impossible. At the moment, hubby and I were preparing his home-office which will be set up next to our bedroom. Now, I just imagined him comfortably seating and working just like this father at the Samsung Convergence Area here at SM Appliance Center. The father has the Samsung  Smartphones, Smart Cameras, Bluetooth and NFC enabled speakers, laptops and Wi-Fi capable printers and airconditioners.

With gadgets like these J can finish the job earlier and certainly have more time for me

13-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-01217-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-016

Here’s a mother showing us her kitchen, her lovely Samsung refrigerator which I hope to have in the future. She was happily entertaining us without having to worry about the laundry because she doesn’t need to spend hours ironing clothes from her fabric-caring washing machine.

A wife and a blogger at the same time, multi-tasking was easy with the help an automatic washing machine. Well, I can relate to her. When I bought a Samsung full-automatic washing machines last month, life was so easy!. I can do other things while the washing machine do the job. I recommend the Samsung’s innovative wobble technology.

19-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-01825-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-02434-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-033

On the next station is a son sharing his latest trip photos with his family through their Smart TV directly from his phone.

Just like him, we’re fond of showing our travel photos to our friends and family whenever they visit us. We played the cd on the Samsung DVD player and watched on our Samsung TV.

28-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-02732-Samsung-Convergence-SM Appliances-031

When LCD TV came, I told myself I want one and in less than two years I bought the Samsung LCD TV complete with home theater which we are still using at home. But today, Samsung doesn’t only have LCD and LED TV, we have the Smart TV.

Think of the Samsung Convergence, the S Path as a way to step into the possibilities of your future. Yes. It is a dream home and Samsung helps us make this dream home a reality. For us who works so hard, it’s okay to treat ourselves and our family once in a while.


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