Thirty-Five: A Birthday Post

Every year, I always feel excited when my birth month comes. I never wished for grand celebration or what so ever. I'm simply happy for another round of birthday. I thank the Lord for thirty-five years!

LivingMarjorney: Venetian Macau
LivingMarjorney: Venetian Macau, Feb 2013
Hong Kong 2013
I used to be weakling. I felt small, I walked away from many physical challenges. Emotionally, I'm such a drama queen. Today, the nerdy, unattractive girl has changed a lot. I should! I realized life is too short for drama. Besides, I'm tired of carrying excess baggage brought about by disappointments in life. I would not like to live my life thinking what others would say about me. People could destroy you if you allow. They will frustrate and make you more depress. So why would you kill yourself thinking over and over again of your weaknesses. Instead, focus on strengths, my dreams and aspirations and do better things.

Last year was certainly special. A month before my birthday we went to Boracay where I experienced snorkeling for the first time. For a person who don't swim but was able to do snorkeling is a big achievement.

Boracay Island
Puca Beach Boracay 2012
Boracay 2012

I thought it was an advance birthday gift but ex-boyfriend turned husband booked another flight. This time we're bound to Singapore, a day before my birthday. It was my first time in the country although grandma (also our ninang) has been there for several years now as our Philippine Ambassador to Singapore. Our trip to Singapore was also special, one of the most beautiful gift I had in my entire life.

Jonel & I went to Universal Studios, Sentosa where we spent the whole afternoon walking, eating and sight seeing. I also did a little shopping.

Universal Studios Singapore 2012
Universal Studios Singapore 2012
 Universal Studios Singapore 2012
Transformers The Ride Singapore
 Gardens-By-The-Bay Singapore

But before we went to Universal Studios, we decided to visit lola in DFA followed by an intimate lunch-date prepared at the ambassadors' residence. We enjoyed Filipino dishes but there's Hainanese too! I could not remember the last time I blew a birthday candle that's why I'm so touched with the birthday cake she prepared for me! 

The Ambassador's House in Singapore

A double birthday celebration


Ambassador Mindy Cruz

Clarke Quay
3 River Valley Road, Singapore

We went twice in Clark Quay where we had scrumptious dinner but it was on my birthday when we were trying to catch the last boat for the evening cruise unfortunately we were about ten minutes late. 

Clarke Quay Singapore
Clarke Quay Singapore
 Clarke Quay Singapore

Lantern, Fullertone Bay Hotel 80 Colleyer Quay, Singapore

Then, he asked me if we can go to Lantern located top of the Fullertone Bay. I was hesitant because of my getup. For me, wearing shorts and a blouse is certainly uncomfortable in that place. I started asking myself what's in Lantern and we really have to go there. Yes, I was mad and tired so the monster just showed up. He's fond of calling me monster every time I get mad at him. 

Lantern, Fullertone Bay

I never thought a single-diamond white gold engagement ring will be a special gift that night. While kneeling on one knee, he asked me to marry him. It was in Lantern, Fullertone Hotel at exactly 12 midnight. So, at thirty four, I have another ring, this time a wedding ring in my finger.

Lantern, Fullertone Bay

Photo about an hour after the proposal. All our gadgets were drain at Universal Studio & Sentosa tour but J saved his iPad. So, we had a photo souvenir. There's a Filipina staff who offered to take our photo using her cellphone. Thanks Germalaine Ngo!

Garden Wedding, Oasis Manila

MarJonel Wedding at Oasis Manila
 MarJonel Wedding at Oasis Manila

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Possibilities are endless!

At thirty-four, I overcome my fear underwater. I enjoyed helmet diving in Saba, Kota Kinabalu. At thirty-four I enjoyed snorkeling in Pambato Reef. Few days before I turned thirty-five, I survived spelunking in Sumaguing Cave in Sagada. There are a lot to discover, the world has endless opportunities. Last May of this year, I visited Camiguin. I was moved with the beautiful White Sands of Camiguin.

LivingMarjorney: Pambato Reef
LivingMarjorney: Pambato Reef

I would like to start planting flowers in my backyard. I was inspired by the organic farming I've been visiting since last year. Husband bought me these cute and lovely cabbage cactus at the Highest Peak (Philippine Highway system) on our way to La Trinidad Benguet from Sagada. I first saw them at Mr. Pat Acosta's organic farm. Perhaps, hubby felt I really like the plant so he asked our group where to get them aside from the Masters Garden.

LivingMarjorney: Mr. Pat Acosta's organic farm
By His grace, we might be enjoying the sun, the beach, the white sand when you read this post today. Thank you for dropping by and for all the greetings whether text, email, facebook or twitter messages. I hope this birthday post inspires you, anyway, that's the reason why I write - to share my stories and be an inspiration.

Each birthday means a new three hundred sixty five days. Each day means everything is possible again. Just live in the moment, live one day at a time. To all birthday celebrants, Happy Birthday to us! Cheers! 

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  1. 35 ka na?! hehehe. happy birthday, marj! cheers to more inspiring stories and memories =) more power and best wishes to you and jonel. keep on smiling and blogging!

  2. Yes, 35 na! haha @melodyco di naman daw halata! thank you for the well-wishes! See you soon! :)

  3. Nakaka touch naman ang sweet! May god bless you more on your birthday! Wishing you and J a long and happy marriage! God bless!

  4. Nice read! Proposing on the red carpet is a dream come true moment for a girl. It means a lot to her. It is really a wonderful and most precious day of her life as it is a day that she remembers in her lifetime. I still remember the day when my husband proposed me for wedding with a perfect diamond wedding ring. That moment is really special for me as it reminds me the importance of mine in his life.

  5. Thank you for the greetings Cha and thanks for dropping by! Cheers!


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