Convert Mabuhay Miles to Globe Rewards Points

I've been using Globe Rewards for quite sometime now. Few months ago my sister and kids spent a whole day at Enchanted Kingdom just using Globe Rewards. From time to time, husband and I would go at Wendy's for hamburgers, the affordable "Real Meal Deals" paired with delicious frosty! 

I find it very convenient, with these rewards, I don't need to use cash. Similar to cash, Globe Rewards has been accepted as a form of payment in partner-merchants nationwide. Giving us more ways to enjoy our rewards, Globe implemented a straightforward points-to-peso conversion (1 point = 1 peso).

Now, aside from Ayala Mall Cinemas, Figaro Coffee Company, Wendy’s, Enchanted Kingdom, Sunglass Hut, Rose Pharmacy, Bench and Petron, Globe Rewards teams up with Philippine Airlines (PAL) to allow PAL frequent flyers to covert Mabuhay Miles to Globe Rewards points.

Mabuhay Miles members earn miles from Philippine Airlines flights and program partners such as credit card rewards program, hotels, resorts, car rentals and telecommunications.

For every 2,000 Mabuhay Miles converted, subscribers can earn 400 rewards points; 1,500 Mabuhay Miles can be converted to 300 rewards points; and 1,000 Mabuhay Miles can earn subscribers 200 rewards points.

Aside from travel award tickets and flight service class upgrades, members may enjoy exciting freebies from Globe and their partner-merchants through this new non-flight mileage redemption offer. 

To convert PAL Mabuhay Miles to Globe rewards points, simply call 855-8888 for Manila or (032) 340-0191 for Cebu. Members may also visit the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at Mabuhay Miles Service Center Makati. A text notification will be sent to the member indicating that the Globe rewards points have been credited to his or her mobile number.

Aside from Philippine Airlines, Globe Rewards has partnered with Bench, KFC, and Memo Express.

How to Redeem your Globe Rewards?

  • To check your available points, Text  BAL to 4438 to check your points balance. P1/transaction.
  • By simply texting: BUY<space>MOBILE# OF Merchant<space>AMOUNT and send to 4438

  • You can even share points with family and friends to redeem bigger rewards by texting SHARE <space> 10-digit NUMBER of your friend <space> NUMBER of POINTS to 4438 for only P1 per transaction.

It's time to reward myself, will probably visit Figaro Coffee and watch a movie this weekend! Thanks to Globe Rewards! 

For more details, visit

Visit the nearest merchant partner where you can redeem your Globe Rewards points now!


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